On Our Female Led Relationship

Today I wanted to discuss our female-led relationship more. Of course, we’re simply one couple, doing it one way and there are many other ways out there to approach this relationship dynamic. I don’t believe there is one specific right way, and you, as a couple, should experiment to figure out what you want for yourselves.

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Since starting enforced chastity and FLR, I feel we’ve become pretty settled in our roles. We know what
we expect from each other and we do our best to meet those expectations. However, there’s one thing
that if I had to choose as my personal weakness, it’s punishments; one of the things I love about being in a FLR, but also one of things I hate.

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Great Day

Today is an exciting day for me. Rhea came to my house to stay for some time, and this time it’s tied into something special. Our anniversary is approaching and will be celebrated while she’s here. Before coming, she’s managed to keep me horny and really worked up for her with texts and pictures throughout the day, with her doing the things that she knows will drive me wild. It’s almost scary sometimes how well she knows exactly what to do to get the reaction that she wants out of me, but I love it.

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Narcissus’ Start

Chastity: a thing that I would have found ridiculous a long time ago, especially seven years ago when Rhea and I first met. In fact, she brought the idea of orgasm denial to my attention a couple of years back and my immediate response was no. There was no way I would hand that control over to anyone, at all. She let it go, and we never talked about it again. That is, until March of this year. Continue reading