I suppose the analogy often made that life is like a book and each stage is a new chapter is one that proves itself to be more relevant and true as you age and mature. You learn when it’s time to let go, move on, and start a new one. Some events will start and end within that chapter, and some will spread over the course of the entire book.

I’ve never believed in leaving a chapter open ended and unfinished, regardless of how big or small the situation may be. If it’s time for something to come to an end, I make that clear. No one involved in your life in any way will want to be left hanging and never know what happened.

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Finding Us

It’s been many months now since I’ve posted on here. Though that was partially due to procrastination, that definitely wasn’t the only, or even main, reason. It was a plethora of things, including a fairly busy schedule, not knowing what to write about, and most of all, turning my life around.

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A Guide to Dominating

One of the things I wanted to do when I started this blog was to try and help other dominant women (no matter sexual-orientation, gender binarism, or any other societal label that can be slapped on you). With that in mind, I figured I would try to write some advice for women who have decided they might like to try some dominant activities. (As always, there’s no “one true way” to kinky stuff.)

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A Rant: Dangerous Generalizations

I would like to start by wishing everyone a Happy New Year, even though I am late to that party. I hope everyone had Happy Holidays, and all that jazz. I am personally so thankful that it’s all over, because it just becomes so hectic and stressful.

For the last quarter of the year (at least), I really lost a lot of my drive. My mojo, in all areas of my life, really suffered, kink and sexy times, of course, not being spared. Some of the things couldn’t be helped, but my sex life is something I take serious, and I wasn’t okay with how I was feeling about it in general. I was feeling like I wasn’t fitting in my own sexuality. Let me explain exactly what I mean by that. In this case, I am referring to simply “what turns me on”, not the general who, or gender; I mean specifically my sexuality of “dominant woman”. I know that’s not exactly a sexuality, but roll with me anyway.

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The subject of masturbation has been on my mind for the last few months. Female masturbation, mostly. I read a few things written by women about how they’re embarrassed to masturbate, how when they do it they can’t stop thinking about what actions men would want them to do, how they put on a show even though they’re alone. Reading these things made me very sad.

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Why are you submissive?

Why are you submissive?

In fact, why are you dominant?

That seems to be something I find myself interested in now whenever I come across people in D/s and FLR relationships. Sure, on the surface, it’s obvious; you want to give control to your partner, but there’s a deeper explanation to most of power exchanges. Whether it be strictly for the sex, one partner being more controlling (or submissive) than the other, or just trying something different, there’s a deeper psychological explanation, I believe.

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Share Your Secrets

I’ve been thinking about kinks and fetishes a great deal lately. I’ve always been very interested in any sex that’s considered out of the ordinary (the more twisted, the better), and the “odd” things that turn people on. Much of my life has been spent fantasizing about these topics.

I know a great deal about many odd desires, but I know that there has to be more out there. I know that there are mindsets and views I haven’t seen it from.

With that being said, I’m inviting you to share your kinks and fetishes with me. I want to hear about your dark, twisted fantasies. I want to hear about the secret things you don’t tell anyone. I would love to hear what gets you off, and what thoughts cross your mind when you’re masturbating (if you get to do that). You don’t need to worry about judgement or shame.

You can leave your thoughts and fantasies in the comments or you can email me at if you don’t want to share your sexual desires with the world. Feel free to share as many or as few details as you want. Anything you share by email will be kept private unless you request otherwise.


Lack of Drive

No one enjoys when things go wrong with their body. No one likes the lack of control they have over certain health issues (well, maybe there’s someone out there who has this fetish, but not me). So the fact I have been experiencing hormone issues totally isn’t cool with me. As I’ve already established, I’m young, just in my twenties, but you wouldn’t know it based on my health.

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