I suppose the analogy often made that life is like a book and each stage is a new chapter is one that proves itself to be more relevant and true as you age and mature. You learn when it’s time to let go, move on, and start a new one. Some events will start and end within that chapter, and some will spread over the course of the entire book.

I’ve never believed in leaving a chapter open ended and unfinished, regardless of how big or small the situation may be. If it’s time for something to come to an end, I make that clear. No one involved in your life in any way will want to be left hanging and never know what happened.

I’ve come across so many blogs I regularly kept up with and enjoyed reading that abruptly ended. I check back on them occasionally to still see if they’ve decided to update us, but usually to disappointing results.

“Are they alive?”

“Are they together still?”

“Did they get out of the lifestyle?”

All of these questions, with a lot more, run through your head. While it’s really none of our business since we are seeing only a small facet of their personal life, we usually develop some form of an indirect connection to them because we are allowed to see a side of them that many don’t. We keep up with their lives through their posts, and often times, seeing their personalities shine through helps us relate to them as people like us who happen to share a common interest. We feel like we know them. So the natural response of concern is one that can’t be helped.

With that being said, I want to say that yes, Rhea and I are still together. Yes, we are fine and healthy (knock on wood). Yes, we still practice D/s. However, after giving this a lot of time, thought, and discussion, I’ve decided that my motivation to write posts on here is one that’s no longer there.

It’s not because of any exact reason, or anything that could be fixed. I’ve simply had time to look back on my posts and realize that the part of my life that this blog chronicled has closed, and before I force myself to deliver unmotivated posts to our readers, I will give this closure and cherish the role it did play in my life.

I appreciate every like, comment, follow, reblog, and bit of love we were shown from this community and will be forever grateful for that. If anyone wishes/needs to contact me, I will keep the e-mail attached to this active, and will continue to check it. I will not speak on Rhea’s behalf, so what I am saying here will not reflect her own personal decisions in any way, shape, or form. The blog will remain up for some time after this is posted, but it will likely be deactivated in the near future.

I won’t end this with some sappy quote about goodbyes, instead I will end it with the best piece of advice I’ve learned on the journey life has taken me on; Love yourself, know that you are strong, and most of all, always be true to yourself.

– Narcissus


4 thoughts on “Fin.

  1. Thanks for walking some of the path of life with us . It’s been fun and I’m sorry your path has parted from us . But you will always be in are thoughts

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