Crossing the Hump

Here I am, up early at the time of writing this. I’m the only person awake, as Rhea has went to bed just minutes ago. While I’m slightly annoyed at the fact that I’m having a hard time sleeping (it happens semi-often for me), it’s giving me some really good, quiet, alone time to think with my tea. To my surprise, I realized that instead of thinking about something sexual-related, as I would have some time ago, I’m thinking about other things such as my workout goals, techniques to perfect my art, and life itself. That doesn’t mean that I’m not still a sexual person, because I definitely am. It means that I’m no longer consumed by an addiction.

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This blog was started to follow a chastity/denial/FLR journey, and it evolved from there into more of a general sex blog. People still find the blog from these topics, and they’re something that’s heavy on my own mind, as well.

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Being in a D/s relationship, along with a FLR, may seem relatively simple at first glance. Speaking from the submissive partner’s perspective, the role may seem pretty straight forward. You follow the rules set in place by the dominant partner, and you let them lead, hence a female led relationship. To some, that may seem like sitting back and enjoying the ride while the other takes charge.

However, it’s obviously not that simple at all. Actually implementing the roles takes tremendous effort on both ends. Even though submitting requires you to give yourself over to your partner, you have to learn how to balance that and accept taking from them, also.

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