A Rod Down a Rod

A metal rod down my dick…something I’d never imagine happening. However, that’s exactly what happened.

Roughly a month ago, Rhea approached me with the idea of urethral sounding. I’m open to trying new things, as I’ve stated, but this idea was intimidating to say the least. I could tell that she really wanted to try it on me, though, and the thought of her penetrating me in a sense was a real turn on. I agreed, but didn’t know how soon I’d actually be ready. We didn’t really talk much about it over the next few days, but I realized it was something I really wanted us to try, so we shopped around for a decent set.

After doing some research online, we eventually decided to go with a Hegar set. We ordered it, along with some surgical lube packets, then waited for them to arrive. Once I had them in my hand, I think I became even more intimidated by the thought of this steel rod being shoved down my piss hole. Still, I wanted to see what it was like. We did a few needed things yesterday like cleaning, rearranging, just a few chores, then that night Rhea suggested that we sterilize them. As bad as I wanted to try this, a big part of me was still scared and I could feel my heart drop at the thought that tonight was going to be the night we finally used them.

After sterilizing them, we took our showers. I was worried the entire time that I didn’t clean my dick enough for this. I came back to the room, and laid back while she finished preparing everything. She sat between my legs on the bed, and immediately I felt the first wave of blood rush to my dick at the sight of her naked body. She wrapped her hand around my cock, and slowly started to stroke it. In no time, I felt myself rock hard. My own touch isn’t even this magical anymore on myself.

She edged and teased me like only she can for the next fifteen minutes or so until I was really worked up and horny. Then she grabbed the first sound, which was next to the smallest. I knew this was finally about to happen, and I couldn’t chicken out now. Instead of letting all of the bad possibilities that could come from it cloud my mind, I thought about all of the erotic, sexy aspects of it. I couldn’t wait for her penetrate my dick, to feel the sensation of something sliding into it, knowing that she was in total control of it.

She opened up the packet of lube and squeezed a bit right at my urethra, then pushed the sound into the packet to get it covered. Still holding my shaft with one hand, she used the other to gently ease the sound into me. I felt the most intense, “words can’t describe” type of feelings I’ve ever felt. The best way to put it, which doesn’t fully explain it, is to say that it felt like I was being fucked on the inside. I was frozen, unable to move or talk as I experienced the feeling of something sliding deeper into me, filling a part of my body that had never been filled before. I could feel the tip of the sound as it reached a new spot in me.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more intense, Rhea began to stroke me again while she gently eased it in and out of me. The double stimulation was mind blowing, and nearly too intense to handle at all, let alone for a long period of time. I felt like any small movement had me immediately placed at the edge of an orgasm. It was all the better knowing that all of this pleasure I was receiving was literally in her hands. As we settled into it, she was actually able to push the sound almost completely in me, which amazed me because about midway the sound expands to a bigger size and I wasn’t expecting to be able to take the initial size with ease.

We continued this for a little while, until I became slightly sensitive. To be honest, with this being my first time, I’m surprised I could go as long as I did with it. It never felt terrible, only very slightly uncomfortable at the entrance after a while. I believe this was partially due to moving up a size in the same night. After she pulled it out, I went and urinated to flush out any potential bacteria or germs from the sounding. It wasn’t painful, just a slight burn, which I had already read was normal. No blood was present.

I came back to the room and wasted no time putting my focus on her entirely. I started off by kissing on her body, which she wasn’t trying to have tonight. She grabbed me by my hair, and shoved my head between her legs, forcing my face into her pussy. Inside, this aggressiveness was driving me wild. I started licking her, just as she made clear that she wanted. I love to feel over her body with my hands as I do this normally, but she had a specific spot on her that she wanted my hands, and she made me keep them there. Again, I was loving how direct and forward she was with what she wanted. I did this until she had me stop.

She made me get on my knees and put my hands behind my back while she stroked me and played with my nipples. I have always been a huge fan of nipple stimulation and she knows exactly how I want them played with. She’d occasionally look up at me, and whenever she does this, I become in an almost trance-like state staring into her beautiful eyes.

She laid back a bit at one point, and I thought this was my cue to fuck her, but no, it wasn’t. All it took was one hard, cold stare from her as I positioned myself for sex to realize I wasn’t doing the right thing. I sat back up, and immediately got back into position. She continued teasing me for a few minutes longer before laying fully back and instructing me that now it was time.

I got over her, and we had sex. It was tough not to orgasm with everything that had happened, and it was most definitely a tougher fight than usual to hold it back. I somehow managed to keep it together though and hold it, as she demanded I do throughout the entirety of it.

She got her orgasm, I still didn’t. Another day, another denial.



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