The subject of masturbation has been on my mind for the last few months. Female masturbation, mostly. I read a few things written by women about how they’re embarrassed to masturbate, how when they do it they can’t stop thinking about what actions men would want them to do, how they put on a show even though they’re alone. Reading these things made me very sad.

I’ve always known the stigmas that surround women when it comes to masturbation; I am a woman, after all. However, masturbation wasn’t a dirty thing in my house. In fact, my mother went out of her way to always talk about how masturbation was normal, nothing to be ashamed of, etc. The words of the outside world didn’t escape me though. It always saddened and angered me that people I knew were ashamed of masturbation, found it dirty, and shamed others for doing it.

It really bothers me that masturbation is still such a heavily shamed thing. It bothers me that women can’t pleasure themselves without feeling the guilt that society has placed on them. That isn’t to say that men don’t also feel some of these things, it’s just a view that usually skews towards women. It bothers me that women can’t pleasure themselves for themselves, without worrying about how they’d look if a male saw them.

I hate the fact that there’s really nothing I can do to fix an issue like this. I wish I could grant everyone the comfortability to masturbate, if that’s what they want to do, without guilt, or shame, or societal views flooding their minds.

I realize it’s probably a bit ironic to talk about masturbation on a blog that’s so heavily focused on chastity, but that’s an entirely different thing here. Choosing to not masturbate, and getting off via another kink is perfectly acceptable. What I find unacceptable though is feeling like you can’t masturbate, because of something society, or religion, or a person has said.

If you choose not to masurbate, because of your own personal feelings, that’s okay. I am not trying to shame anyone into masturbation if they don’t want to do it. I simply wish to tell everyone that it’s okay to masturbate. You’re not wrong, or dirty, or a bad person for doing it. I know that I’m not the “be all end all” answer to this problem but sometimes it can be nice to have a reminder like this.

So my parting thoughts for everyone today, masturbate for yourself today. Masturbate without shame, or society influencing you. I know that is impossible for some, but practice. That is unless you’re locked up, and masturbating is breaking your rules.



4 thoughts on “Masturbation

  1. Against my rules, but I believe it’s equally a shamed behaviour for males! Regardless, I haven’t done it in a long time. But I had never heard women saying that they did it in certain ways to put on a show for guys. Seems pretty wrong.


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