New Toys

Last night, we got the chance to try a new thing. A couple of weeks back we ordered a Hegar sounding kit. This is something that I was super excited about. Sticking something inside a dick? Yes, please!

We started the process by washing the sounds off, and placing them inside our pressure cooker to sterilize them. Once they were done being sterilized, we hopped into the shower, and cleaned ourselves up.

We came back to the bedroom, put on some music, and laid the sounds out. I had Narcissus lay on the bed, and I climbed between his legs. I began by stroking his dick, getting him nice and hard. I brought him to the edge a couple of times, getting him worked up and ready. He was a bit nervous about the sounds, so I wanted to make sure he was in a really sexual mood, and his nerves couldn’t kill his excitement (or erection).

Once he was moaning, and bucking his hips up, thrusting his erection into my hand, I figured he was ready. I opened up one of the packets of sterile lubricant we had purchased in preparation for this, and stroked his dick a bit more. Then I squeezed a small dab on the head, getting his hole ready. I then covered the second sound (but third size up, because they’re double-ended) in lubricant about three inches of the way up.

I stroked his dick a few more times, making sure he was going to stay hard, and then very slowly inserted the sound inside. It slid in easily, much easier than I expected. It was a smooth feeling, too, just gliding in.

I watched his facial expressions to ensure I wasn’t going too fast, and that it wasn’t hurting. He seemed excited as it was going in, and rather intrigued. He made small gasps, but not in pain. I slid it about an inch of the way in, and stopped, making sure it was okay. After a few seconds, he nodded at me, and I slid it in a bit farther then gently pulled it most of the way out before sliding it back down again. I did this to ensure everything was well lubricated. I continued sliding it down until it was about four inches in.

I slowly stroked his cock while the sound was inside, and he made small gasping noises, and surprised sounds. I could tell it felt good, but it was definitely a new feeling. I started moving the sound in and out slowly, while I stroked his dick. He told me it felt like someone was stroking him on the outside and the inside. I smiled and laughed at him softly.

We continued like this for a while, and I slid more sound in slowly. We ended up getting about six inches of the sound in, which meant he was on the fourth size, because we had reached the other end of the sound, which is the next size up.

It was a really sexy experience to get to slide something in and out of his dick like that. I’ve been interested in things going into dicks for as long as I can remember, but the actual process of sounding always made me a bit nervous. I am glad we both built up the nerve to try this though, because it was very fun. He said it felt good and he wants to do it again soon.

Once we were done with the sounds I had him go pee to flush out the lubricant, and try and prevent any infections even further, even though we had taken basically every precaution we could, short of going into a sterile bubble.

Once he came back, he climbed onto the bed, and took my right nipple into his mouth. This felt good and I let him stay there a few moments, sucking at me. I was feeling rather controlling though, so I ran my fingers into his hair, and pushed him down to my pussy. He didn’t mind; he started licking me slowly. After a few moments of letting my body adjust and warm up, I grabbed his head and ground my hips upward for a few thrusts. We continued things like this for a while, with me being more controlling and rough, pushing myself into his mouth. Several times I held his face against me, not allowing him to breath while he licked my clit over and over.

Once I was really worked up, I pushed him off of me. Sometimes I will orgasm during oral, and sometimes I won’t, because I like for my first orgasm to happen while he’s inside me. It was a night where I wanted to orgasm with him in me.

I instructed him to get up on his knees, hands behind his back. He quickly did this, obeying me without question. I grabbed some coconut oil (my lube of choice) and began stroking his cock, covering him in the slick substance. He was getting hard with hardly any effort; I love when it’s like that. I stroked him like this for a few moments, ensuring his entire cock was well covered in the oil, then I laid back, and pulled him forward by his dick. He braced himself over me, and I placed his dick against my entrance, and he thrust in.

I love the sounds he makes when he first enters me. It’s such a turn on. He started fucking me, and I watched him, waiting for him to get near the edge. Once he gets near the edge, I really like to push him. I will pull his hips against me more, and I will thrust my hips up into him so there’s still friction. This makes it really hard for him to not orgasm. The sadist inside me loves to really push him, because he knows he isn’t allowed to orgasm no matter how much I do to him; he has to hold it unless I say otherwise.

We did this for quite a while, him getting near the edge, and me pushing him. Eventually, I had my orgasm, which lasted quite a while, and I held him inside me, letting him feel each contraction of my pussy against his cock. Once all the waves of pleasure passed over me, I pushed him out, not letting him finish. Denial sex is some of my favorite.



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