The subject of masturbation has been on my mind for the last few months. Female masturbation, mostly. I read a few things written by women about how they’re embarrassed to masturbate, how when they do it they can’t stop thinking about what actions men would want them to do, how they put on a show even though they’re alone. Reading these things made me very sad.

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Why are you submissive?

Why are you submissive?

In fact, why are you dominant?

That seems to be something I find myself interested in now whenever I come across people in D/s and FLR relationships. Sure, on the surface, it’s obvious; you want to give control to your partner, but there’s a deeper explanation to most of power exchanges. Whether it be strictly for the sex, one partner being more controlling (or submissive) than the other, or just trying something different, there’s a deeper psychological explanation, I believe.

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Share Your Secrets

I’ve been thinking about kinks and fetishes a great deal lately. I’ve always been very interested in any sex that’s considered out of the ordinary (the more twisted, the better), and the “odd” things that turn people on. Much of my life has been spent fantasizing about these topics.

I know a great deal about many odd desires, but I know that there has to be more out there. I know that there are mindsets and views I haven’t seen it from.

With that being said, I’m inviting you to share your kinks and fetishes with me. I want to hear about your dark, twisted fantasies. I want to hear about the secret things you don’t tell anyone. I would love to hear what gets you off, and what thoughts cross your mind when you’re masturbating (if you get to do that). You don’t need to worry about judgement or shame.

You can leave your thoughts and fantasies in the comments or you can email me at if you don’t want to share your sexual desires with the world. Feel free to share as many or as few details as you want. Anything you share by email will be kept private unless you request otherwise.


Lack of Drive

No one enjoys when things go wrong with their body. No one likes the lack of control they have over certain health issues (well, maybe there’s someone out there who has this fetish, but not me). So the fact I have been experiencing hormone issues totally isn’t cool with me. As I’ve already established, I’m young, just in my twenties, but you wouldn’t know it based on my health.

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A New Focus

This post is trailing my last one fairly quickly, especially when you look at the breaks I had started to take in between posts, but I suppose with me figuring myself out again, I’m bound to have a little more to talk about now.

Last time, I talked about the long distance aspect of our D/s relationship. Now, I’m here to talk about the “together” side of it.

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Long distance D/s… again

Something that’s been coming up as an intriguing, yet extremely complex topic for Rhea and I, is long distance D/s. After having to cut it during my addiction because of the various problems, I really thought about how I missed the added bond that it gave us, and how I’d like it back.

A few days ago, I told Rhea I’d like to reintroduce it to our apart time.

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Crossing the Hump

Here I am, up early at the time of writing this. I’m the only person awake, as Rhea has went to bed just minutes ago. While I’m slightly annoyed at the fact that I’m having a hard time sleeping (it happens semi-often for me), it’s giving me some really good, quiet, alone time to think with my tea. To my surprise, I realized that instead of thinking about something sexual-related, as I would have some time ago, I’m thinking about other things such as my workout goals, techniques to perfect my art, and life itself. That doesn’t mean that I’m not still a sexual person, because I definitely am. It means that I’m no longer consumed by an addiction.

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