Behind Closed Doors

I talked about how we got started and explained an important detail of our relationship, now it’s time to get down to business. Yes, the intimate details of what happens behind our closed doors.

I’m currently at Narcissus’ house, for at least the next two weeks, and yesterday was the start of this “visit”. The first day we’re around one another after a few days apart is always very sexually charged. Keep in mind, even when we’re apart, he isn’t allowed to orgasm. I give him tasks to keep himself sexually worked up though, so he’s still very desperate.

When I arrived yesterday I didn’t immediately dive right into anything sexual. Instead, he actually received some punishment swats he was due. After that, he still had to wait. Was there any specific reason to this waiting? No, I just like to torture him.
Later in the evening, sometime after dinner, we decided to take a few shots of tequila. Neither of us were even buzzed, but I had a more relaxed feeling than usual, and I decided I was going to use this to my advantage. I decided I was going to use a nice glass plug we had ordered a little while back on myself. Anal play is something we both have an interest in, but it’s hard for me. It seems like everything hurts me, no matter what I do. I had a feeling this time would be different though.

So after a little self-preparation and unlocking him, we showered together, where I stroked his dick for a short while before declaring that he needed to hurry up and get clean before the water turned cold. We got clean and returned to the bedroom, where we started on one another.

He began by performing some lovely oral on me, warming my clit up nice and slow, just the way I like it. He also played with my nipples while doing this, pulling moans from me. My nipples used to not be as sensitive but since having them pierced, stimulation to them feels so much more amazing.

Once my pussy had enough oral, I turned over, displaying my ass for him. Narcissus loves when he gets to do anything with my ass. So he immediately dove right in, licking and teasing my hole expertly. Having a warm, soft tongue pressed against your entrance is an exquisite feeling, and I was moaning in no time. This went on for a long time, and I knew I was getting more and more relaxed. So I handed him the beautiful glass plug, and had him oil it up with coconut oil (it’s seriously my favorite lubricant for all sexual activities).

Now I knew this was the moment that I couldn’t get scared or panic. We have other plugs that I use, but this glass one gets bigger at the end than the others I have used before, so I was slightly nervous. I REALLY wanted to use it though. So I told myself to just relax, and for once I was able to. He pressed the plug against my hole, and slowly eased it in. It’s in the shape of three balls, that increase in size. We got past the first ball with no problem, and he paused briefly, letting me relax, then began easing the second section in. I motioned for him to pause for just a second, and he did, after a couple seconds I motioned for him to keep going, and he did (he listens so well). Finally, we got to the last bulb, which is the largest and he slowly eased it in. I had to have him stop around the middle of it, while I relaxed again, but he got it in after a few moments with minimal pain. This is a huge deal for me.

Once the plug was fully in, I felt like orgasming on the spot. It had a very intense feeling about it, but I contained myself. I reached back, and slowly pulled it out a little before pressing it back in. This was driving him insane, and I knew it. He loves when my ass is stretched with toys, and when I play with myself. I continued teasing him this way for a few more minutes before I instructed him him lay down.

Once he laid down, I gently kissed his dick, his balls, his pubic region, all while bent over, ass in the air. He was getting very excited, thrusting his hips ever-so-slightly. I took him into my mouth and ran my tongue all over, exciting him even more. He moved his hand to press on the plug while I continued sucking him.

Then he mentioned that it might be easier if we got into the sixty-nine position. So, I moved over him, my pussy right above his face, where he could clearly see my ass, stretched by the plug. Now you may wonder if I’m really in control here, the answer is yes. I welcome his suggestions, always. I want to still know what he wants, and I want to hear his suggestions. However, I am in full control, because I only do what I want, and he does what I want, too.

Once I was over him, I took him back into my mouth, and I grabbed his balls, one in each hand and caressed and squeezed them while I continued sucking. He was having a hard time keeping his focus now, while he performed oral on me. He was moaning against my skin, which I love the feeling of, and doing his best to keep his hips still. I love when it’s like this. I love having the control to drive him absolutely wild, and making him truly desperate.

After getting him near the edge, and keeping him there for several minutes, I climbed off him, and bent over, ass once again in the air. I said to him, “come fuck me” and even though he was having a hard time coming down from the high feeling he just had with his dick in my mouth, he dutifully got behind me, and pushed himself inside me.

He moaned and stayed still for a moment. Not only has it been a month since he got to orgasm, but he was having to contend with the feeling of everything being more tight. Slowly, he began thrusting, and it was amazing. I could feel him moving in and out of me, and I could feel the plug moving gently, too. It of course didn’t have the same movement he did, but it was a subtle feeling that I loved. He could also feel this. He could feel the plug rubbing against his dick, through my vaginal wall, and it was making it very hard for him not to orgasm.

He was a good boy though and held it for me. He continued fucking me for as long as I wanted, at whatever speed I wanted, all the way until I orgasmed. It was a strong orgasm, too. Then, he dutifully pulled out of me, not having an orgasm for himself.
This was a very intense session for both of us. I am so happy that this plug finally worked out, because I hadn’t had the opportunity to use it before. I’m also very happy that he performed just as I expected him to.

I realize this is a rather long post, and I’m not sure if this will be the normal sort of length yet, or not, but I hope you enjoyed getting a peak at some of the intimate details of our life.



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