Great Day

Today is an exciting day for me. Rhea came to my house to stay for some time, and this time it’s tied into something special. Our anniversary is approaching and will be celebrated while she’s here. Before coming, she’s managed to keep me horny and really worked up for her with texts and pictures throughout the day, with her doing the things that she knows will drive me wild. It’s almost scary sometimes how well she knows exactly what to do to get the reaction that she wants out of me, but I love it.

She’s had me on a longer period of denial than usual lately, so I’ve been waking up really horny, almost to the point of insanity it feels like at times. It doesn’t help that she’s been doing a lot more teasing lately, either.

Not too long after she arrived, she made me get on the floor, on my hands and knees. After instructing me to expose my ass, she paddled me for a punishment that I was due. After this, she pulled out the crop and gave me even more hits with it than she did the paddle. This time, it was over any area of my body that she could reach with it. The pain from each hit eventually became pleasurable, and I felt my submissive side to her beginning to really kick in. Looking back at it, this was a hell of a way to start our time together.

After spending some time together doing a few things that we enjoy, she told me to grab a glass butt plug from our collection that we had purchased a couple of months back. I remained calm as I got it, but inside I was so excited at the idea that she was about to use it for the first time. After some preparation, she unlocked me and we took a shower then returned to the bedroom. After seeing her nude body laying across the bed, I wanted to nearly attack her it made me so horny, but I kept myself together.

I wasted no time to do one of the things I was most excited for; tasting her pussy. I got between her legs and began to lick her clit slowly, working up in speed as I read her body language. I played with her nipples as I did this, and hearing her moans and feeling her hips move had my dick on the verge of exploding it was so hard. Just to think, she hadn’t even did anything with it yet, beyond a few strokes in the shower.

Knowing that I was giving her such pleasure was more than enough stimulation within itself.

She had told me beforehand to get her really horny and stimulate her ass before we used the plug so it’d be that much more exciting for her going in. Keeping this in mind, I moved one of my hands to her second hole and begin to caress it as I continued licking her. After a minute of doing this, she bent over in front of me and told me to put my tongue to it. Without hesitation, I obliged. I continued stroking her clit with my hand as I moved my tongue and pressed it as deep as I could into her ass. She seemed to really enjoy this, which was evident by the fact that she started to move her hips in rhythm with my licks, and I could feel her juices running down my hand. This, in return, made me even hornier.

We did this for a while longer until she was ready enough for the plug. I lubed it up and held it for a second to warm it up some, then together we slowly eased it into her. Anal play is still something that’s relatively new to us. It’s had a small presence throughout our entire relationship, but only recently have we decided to explore it a little more.

The sight of it fully inserted inside of her was nearly too much to handle. I’ve always loved glass plugs solely for the fact that it’s clear, giving you a full visual of the hole being stretched by it. She played with it a bit while I watched, then turned around and pulled my hips closer to her.

She leaned down, placing her mouth really close to my cock. The feeling of her breath on my dick alone made me moan and squirm. The teasing she continued to do by light kissing and touching was beginning to become unbearable, but right before I lost my last bit of sanity, she pulled my cock into her mouth, and began to give me the stimulation that I was dying for. I played with the plug a bit as she did this before asking if we could get into the sixty-nine position. Again, I absolutely loved the look of the plug in her and had to see this. She agreed and changed into the position. I’ve always been a fan of this position because of the view and accessibility that it gives you.

She grabbed my balls with both of her hands, and started to massage them as she started to give me oral again. I used my hands to play with the plug and my tongue to give her oral at the same time. I felt her juices running down into my mouth, letting me know that she was loving what was happening. That, first and foremost, is always my priority with anything that we do. I could never imagine doing anything that she didn’t enjoy or want in the slightest. Everything happening at once was a lot to take in. It felt like there was no world outside of what we were doing.

I’ve always told her how amazing she is at giving me oral, and tonight was no different. The pleasure she can give me is sometimes almost too intense, but I keep it together enough to not cum unless she tells me I can.

This continued as she lifted off of me and bent over beside me. She leaned down, and whispered in my ear, “Come fuck me.” Still recovering from the intense foreplay, I did not waste a second to do what she told me to. I got behind her, and eased my dick into her pussy. I could feel each bump of the plug rub across it through the thin tissue between the two holes. After giving herself, and honestly myself, a moment to adjust to the feeling, I slowly started to move in and out of her. As we settled in, I started to play with the plug again, pushing on it to give her the feeling of being fucked in both holes. This was something we’d both talked about before, and liked the idea of it actually happening to her. Her moans increased and she began to push back on me more aggressively than I was actually moving.

I tried multiple things to delay an orgasm without having to stop, but honestly, eventually I had to. Seeing how much she was enjoying this, along with the fact that we were playing out a fantasy of ours, and the feeling of her pussy was too much to handle. I took a break, then continued again, only to have to slow it down and eventually stop again. I felt myself leak inside of her a bit during a couple of the breaks, but I never had an orgasm.

Eventually, she had her orgasm, and yet again, I was still denied. She’s sticking to her word of a long term denial, and while I’m not sure if she even has a time in her head when she’s ready to let me do it, I know that she’ll tell me when that time comes. I no longer bother to ask, but that doesn’t stop me from reminding her how much I’d like to have one, even when we’re not in the middle of sex.

Regardless, I can’t say I’m disappointed at all that I didn’t get to have one. While one would definitely be nice, I was extremely pleased by how much she seemed to enjoy everything that we did tonight, and how much fun I definitely had in the process.



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