Limits. One of the most important discussions you can have with your partner(s), especially in any BDSM play, is limits. There’s different levels of limits, so you also have to discuss that aspect with your partner(s). Some people like to have their soft limits pushed, just a little, and some people don’t. These are all things you have to ask your partner(s), and your partner(s) needs to tell you.

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Yesterday morning, Rhea told me to set some time aside because she thought it’d be good for me to have some reflection time. This, however, wasn’t the reflection time that’s brought on by bad behavior. This was more of a maintenance one that we do from time to time. It usually involves me being tied to the bed, and blindfolded.

She wanted to add something a little different to it this time, so she instructed me to find six clothespins.

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Distance Chastity

As we talked about before, we don’t currently live together. While we spend most of our time at each other’s houses, we do average seven to ten days apart each month.

So because of this fact, we have to be creative to keep the tease and denial alive sometimes. I have also discovered, there are quite a few couples in this situation. They practice enforced chastity while not living together. There are also many couples who travel and are away from one another several times a month, and they need ways to keep things exciting for them, too.

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Long Versus Short

Last night while talking, Rhea brought something to my attention that I hadn’t realized, myself. She pointed out the fact that orgasms and control was an on-going theme with our latest posts, in one way or another. I especially feel like mine focused on them, probably because this was my first long denial.

However, I feel like this post is going to somewhat be the conclusion of that specific journey.

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Today makes seven years since we’ve been together. Just typing that is weird to see. It feels like it was just yesterday that I met her, yet we’ve been together this long. After all of this time, I haven’t lost a bit of interest in her. In fact, I believe our bond is constantly growing as time goes on. This anniversary is different than those that came before it, however. It’s the first one since adding enforced chastity and FLR to our relationship.

She started today off right, with seven spanks.

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