A Small Detail

There’s a fact about mine and Narcissus’ relationship that we have to cover for people to understand our relationship better.

We will have been together for seven years in just a little over a week, and we’re extremely committed to our relationship, but we don’t live together. We plan to one day in the near future, but we never rushed it. We’re not the type of people to rush things, at all.

We spend a lot of time at one another’s houses, to the point we may as well live together, but we currently don’t. So occasionally, when we write, it will be about the time we spend separate. We still practice enforced chastity, and FLR even when we’re not physically together, though. So you will get to see some of how a semi-long-distance chastity/FLR relationship works. However, most of our posts will be about us being together. Our “separate” time only ends up being about a week to ten days in a month.

It may seem crazy to a lot of people that we don’t live together after seven years of being together, but we’re young, and we didn’t want to make any rushed choices in life. We currently plan to move in together in about a year.

We’re telling you this so that you can understand all of our posts, and not seem like totally crazy people. We hope that you enjoy getting to read about both sides of our relationship, still. It may give you interesting ideas about what you can do when you are away from your partner.



2 thoughts on “A Small Detail

  1. This is a great start to a blog. I think you are doing everything right from the start. Lots of good communication and consensus going forward. I’m a real believer of what chastity can do to enhance a good relationship and it fits right in with the FLR. Goddess Rhea, I enjoy reading your comments on the Chastity Forums and I look forward to following your experiences on this blog.


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