Why a Blog?

Why did we create this blog?

We wanted to blog about our enforced chastity and female led relationship journey because we felt it could be valuable to others out there. We also want to blog for ourselves. The blog will be done by both of us Rhea (the keyholder/leader) and Narcissus (the caged/submissive). We want to try and document the experience from both sides of things, because often times, people are interested in both sides of the story. We’re also new to both of these things, and we think it could be beneficial for people to be able to see how things are from closer to the beginning. We also wanted to share our story because we got a slightly different start than many other couples in enforced chastity and female led relationships; Rhea was the one to initiate enforced chastity, and the female led relationship.

We’ll be posting more about ourselves and our start, soon. We hope you’ll join us on this journey as we learn more about ourselves, each other, and these interesting relationship dynamics. Maybe you will even find something beneficial/insightful to you.



2 thoughts on “Why a Blog?

    • Thank you for the welcome! 🙂 Good luck with your own journey in chastity; you definitely have a lot to look forward to. Feel free to send an email, or leave a comment if there’s ever anything you’d like advice on, or have questions about.

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