One Piercing to rule them all

There’s been a pretty big focus for us for the last month that I didn’t bring up because I didn’t want to talk about it until it happened. Well today, it definitely happened, once and for all.

Back in March, when we started all of this, I noticed during my research that a lot of the men within this have a PA piercing. I had known about them for a long time, but never even considered the thought of a needle piercing my dick. After seeing all of the positive comments from anyone that has one, I decided to look into it a little more.

This led me to deciding I liked the idea of having one because of the aesthetic and potentially sexual benefits that it could bring. My next step was to approach Rhea about it.

I was worried she may be against it, but she actually said she wanted me to have one, but didn’t want me to feel pressured into it. I was relieved that we were on the same page. We also agreed to give it some time since we had just started chastity and didn’t want to put it on hold almost as soon as we started it.

Fast forward some months, we both called around to find the best piercer in the area for the job, which wasn’t many at all to choose from. Out of the three or four that we rounded up, we only felt comfortable with one of them due to their credentials and experience with it. The only problem was that he owns multiple shops and is only in the area once a week, and that’s no guarantee.

There was a couple of times when I almost settled for one of the more inexperienced ones, but Rhea reminded me how serious this was and what the consequences could be if it didn’t go right. That, alone, helped me remain patient.

This last week leading up to it, Rhea gave me plenty of orgasms, at least one a day. I’m not sure if she was considering this, or just in the mood, but I’m thankful as ever since that won’t be an option for a while. I told her this would be the longest my dick has not been played with in some way since I learned what playing with it can do, and that was the thing I was dreading most about it, but she kept reminding me that it’s only temporary and worth it if I really want the piercing.

I wanted it too, badly.

As the time got closer, she brought up how she actually kinda dreaded the fact that we wouldn’t be able to use my dick for anything for a while. I found it a tad bit funny that she admitted she felt the same way, but we both really wanted it so there was no going back on it at this point.

Today came, I called the shop as soon as they opened to make sure the piercer was there, and fortunately he was.

Piercings usually never scare me. I just remember that whatever pain I feel is temporary, and that’s that. If I want them, I don’t over think the pain too much. I decide if I truly want them or not, consider the benefits or disadvantages, then get them, or don’t. I don’t stress over any other aspect of it that won’t play a part in the overall picture. However, I realized what was just likely hours away from happening. Regardless of what you read or hear, the thought of your genitals being stabbed in any way is a pretty frightening thought.

No time to turn into a chicken now. I knew I wanted it, and this was the perfect opportunity.

We got ready and left to head to the studio. As I approached it, I felt my heart rate increase, and my hands became sweaty. Regardless of how much I tried to push the fear back, it was making its presence known. Once we got there, and I signed all of the legal agreements, and waited for him to set up for it. The few minutes this took was some of the most torturous I’ve experienced. I was scared, excited, anxious, and more, all rolled into one thing that was about to explode inside of me.

Then his apprentice came and got us. We walked down the short hallway that felt like it was endless, and entered the room where he was waiting. Just as he instructed, I exposed myself and laid back on the piercing bed while Rhea stood beside me. Because I’m uncircumcised, he had to inspect me to make sure he was able to do it, and thankfully he was.

I joked about holding Rhea’s hand through all of this, but when the time came, I seriously did it. I wasn’t sure what I was about to feel, and knew that doing that would be the most comforting thing I could do at that time.

I refused to look, because I knew my mind would take what I’m seeing visually and put more of a focus on it, exaggerating it more than it needed to be. After a few preparations, I felt him work the insert into my urethra first, which I’ll be honest, did not that great at all. After that, he grabbed the needle, and I knew what was next. I tightened my grip on Rhea’s hand and closed my eyes to focus my mind away from what I was about to feel. I felt an intense prick, and that was it. No flinching, jumping, hollering, spouts of blood that covered the walls, or any of that. Just a tight grip on Rhea’s hand and a wince as the needled penetrated the skin.

I was expecting so much worse, as I told him, but it wasn’t bad at all, actually. The insert was the worse of the two, and even that was manageable. He repeatedly told me how well I took it, and how he’d never seen someone react so well to receiving it, which is shocking considering how quick and painless it is, overall.

There was a bit of blood in the area after he was done, but not enough to require any immediate cleaning or care. He gave me my care instructions, I paid him, and that was that. This had finally happened.

I felt well enough to make a stop right after, before we headed home. I had to walk with a slight limp due to the fact that I had to avoid the jewelry brushing against my boxers too much with the area being more sensitive. I’m sure wearing tighter fitting underwear would’ve fixed this. Rhea described it as walking like I had just got done horse riding. Beyond the sensitivity, I could feel the jewelry moving ever so slightly as I walked in and out of my urethra, which felt amazing. My dick constantly tried to get an erection from this as we walked through the store.

Once I got home, I took my first piss, sitting down. It had a slight burn to it, but nothing more than I expected. I took a quick shower, where Rhea helped me rinse off the dried bit of blood with just plain water. After having dinner, we decided to get a bit of sleep since we hadn’t got a lot trying to get this handled.

After waking up, I took my second piss, which cleared away the bit of dried blood that had accumulated during sleep. I’ve been drinking plenty of water to ensure I urinate enough to help in the cleaning process. The burning sensation has decreased, along with the bit of blood, after each time.

As I type this, I have yet to find any issue with it so far. It looks great (I can’t stop looking at it), it adds a sensation that feels amazing just being there, there was little pain involved, and the care is extremely easy. If you’re considering getting one, I highly recommend it.

Also, if you’re considering one and have any questions about it at all, feel free to contact me. I will gladly answer anything you may want to know about it.



4 thoughts on “One Piercing to rule them all

  1. I’ve been considering a PA for secure chastity. I like security. However, I’m concerned about loosing the ability to pee sitting down. I do a lot of back country trips. When hiking it is common that we step away from the group and pee on a tree. When kayaking I have to pull my penis out a relief zip in my dry suit. It both these situations it would be inconvenient to have to squat. Besides, while squatting I risk sprinkling my shoes if I can’t direct the stream. So, doubts about the ability to direct the urine stream is one thing holding me back.

    I’ve read mixed reports on ability to direct the stream while in chastity or with jewelry in. Some seem to be able to. What I’ve never heard is what happens when you take the jewelry out. Once healed, can it be taken out for a day, a week, a month? When there is no jewelry is there a clean stream of urine or does it dribble or spray out the piecing hole? Can you cover the hole to direct the urine?



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