Living in the Moment

It’s amazing what can be accomplished when you just let your mind flow freely and live in the moment. It sounds like such a simple thing, I know, but all too often we are guilty of not just enjoying what’s happening. What am I leading to with this?

Being the receiving partner during sex.

I describe the act using those words, specifically, because it opens up the bigger picture of it. It shows the entire role reversal of what’s happening, rather than just limiting the act down to domination. I use terms like pegging when speaking casually, but I wanted to lay down the foundation to the overall theme here.

As I’ve mentioned here and there, I wanted to experiment more with anal-related sex because at this point, it’s probably the only sexual aspect of me that’s highly lacking in experience and attention. I’ve always read about men gloating about how the prostate orgasm is the most heavenly feeling in the world, but it’s not something I’ve been super comfortable with. Obviously not because I’m worried about “looking gay”, but because of the word that we do not speak of when talking about this.


Okay, I said it. Damn me to hell for all eternity. Seriously, it’s a part of this territory that no one likes to really acknowledge, but it’s the elephant in the room. When you’re dealing with anything in the realm of anal, there’s always that small, even minuscule risk of having to deal with it. You can do things to prevent it, like keeping track of your bowel movements, eating a proper diet with the right amount of fiber, and douching, but if you’re like me, that small risk is always going to linger in your mind regardless of how many precautions you take. Your best bet is to have a partner in this that you can trust to handle the situation they’re in maturely.

Which brings me to some time ago…

I’ll be honest, I’m a bit late on writing about these experiences, but life happens. The last time Rhea stayed here, a new dildo that she ordered to use on me arrived the same day that she came. Perfect timing. Out of all the dildos I’ve ever seen, it’s without a doubt the most realistic in shape and appearance. I did everything I could to prepare beforehand since we had discussed experimenting with this more. This included her comforting me, and reminding me that this wasn’t just about domination, or taking my ass, for her, but just a normal sexual act between us first and foremost. I needed that reassurance because even though I was probably more eager than her to try it, and love to be dominated, I have to be comfortable with things as a mutual act first, then the extra fun follows. Even though I know the reality of it, and that I will want it that way at some point, I need to be reminded first I’m still loved, basically. Now that I’ve confused the hell out of you with my weird needs of reassurance, let’s carry on.

As I said, I did everything to prepare, and prepared I was.

Physically? Yes.

Mentally? Hell no.

Was that a noise I heard in my stomach? Was that a cramp? When was the last time I went? Suppose this, suppose that. Everything started to cross my mind and it won. I couldn’t have full on anal sex. However, I was willing to do some foreplay activities with it. We used a glass plug to warm me up, then Rhea slid her finger into me, shortly doubling the number. As time went on, I felt the worries easing away and my arousal increasing, sending every bit of the need and want I had in that moment straight to my ass.

Before I fully gathered the thoughts and revised my words at least ten times as I normally do, I felt my lips form the words against my will and let them slip. I was so lost in the moment, I can’t fully remember what I said, but I do know it was telling her to fuck me.

I didn’t care, though. I just needed her in me, then and there. She made sure I was comfortable with it, and put it on. After a bit more preparation with her fingers, I felt her shift to her knees, and the head of the cock pressed against my begging hole. With a small push, I felt it stretch me open and enter me partially. She stopped, and waited for me. I felt open, exposed, and tight around her. It was a new sensation. An interesting one, but not painful. I waited until that felt normal, then signaled her. With another gentle push, I felt it completely fill me, every new bit of it stretching me deeper inside. By this point, I felt my cock throbbing beneath me.

Again, after relaxing from the initial shock of feeling it inside of me, I signaled for her to start.

Out… in… out.. in.. out, in, out. I focused on relaxing my entire body, on the sensations I felt from what we were doing. The fact that instead of me filling her up with my cock, I was on my hands and knees in front of her, being penetrated this time. The mind fuck of that, alone, was nearly overwhelming. I became lost in the moment, and it was amazing. I came back, long enough to tell her make me her slut. That is when I realized that she was pounding me, and the feeling was blissful. She pushed as deep as she could into me, hitting that exact right spot. That’s right; my prostate. With every thrust, I felt a chill burst through my body, a tingle that carried me to another world, and build up of sensations that filled the entire area. I asked her to bite me, she did so, perfectly. She held me down as she took me, while lovingly caressing and kissing my back, giving me the perfect mix of love and domination all at once.

Occasionally, when she’d stop to readjust, this gave me enough time to worry. I would ask her to reassure me that there wasn’t a mess. She always did, somehow never getting frustrated with such a mood killing question.

We continued this, with me requesting small breaks at times, partially due to the unusual build I felt inside of me. While I’m sure that this was the prostate orgasm waiting to happen, it was so overwhelming that I would freak out and have to stop. After doing this for a while, we found a stopping point to avoid any irritation with this being my first time going that long.

Being out of the moment, my fears wasted no time returning. I immediately went to the bathroom to check. As Rhea had repeatedly reassured me, I was fine. I did, however, have the biggest glob of pre-cum oozing around my PA ring. When I returned to the room, we both agreed that it turned out extremely successful, especially to be partially unplanned.

We tried a few more times over the course of the stay, and they all turned out really well with each one being easier and going smoother than the time before it.

It’s something that we both agreed to incorporate into our sex life more. One of the most appealing aspects to me is that it gives us equal opportunity in our sex life to be the partner that penetrates and the one that receives the penetration.

I didn’t achieve the sacred prostate orgasm just yet, and that’s fine. I never planned, or wanted to this soon. I just wanted to begin the journey to opening a new door in our sex life, and that’s exactly what happened!

I’m beyond excited to see what the future holds for this.



9 thoughts on “Living in the Moment

  1. Great post! Well stated,. My wife and I have just played up until now. She told me a couple days ago that it was time to take it to the next level, I worry as you did. Hope your words can help me relax and overcome my fears. Thanks for the encouragement.

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  2. Pegging is something we do sometimes and I have had at least one prostate orgasm. However whenever we try to increase the size of dildo I start to bleed–deep dark red blood. So we seem stuck using this tiny dildo and it is frustrating. Nonetheless we will continue and perhaps one day I will be able to take a bigger prick.


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