Pacifier Rose

Today, I did something for the first time…

I exercised with a butt plug in.

Pegging and anal play is something I’ve always wanted more of for myself. However, I’ll admit I’ve never put forth quite the effort into making it work as I should have.

Rather, I should say I have never put in the effort for the preparation that I should have.

I expect it to work then and there on the spot with only the minimal preparation needed. While this may get the job done, it doesn’t give you the optimal experience. So realizing this, I decided to get some more lube to use with the toys I had. To my surprise, you also got a free “anal training kit” with this which included three butt plugs that gradually increased in size.

They arrived today, and I figured I’d start working on myself to be better prepared when Rhea came. I hadn’t done my workout yet, but I also was really excited to try them.

Decisions. Decisions.


I’ll do them both! I couldn’t decide if this was absolutely genius or completely fucking stupid. What did I know? I was about to do it.

I cleaned the plug, and used the new lube (which is fucking amazing!) to slide the biggest one in. I knew the other two weren’t going to do much for me.

After letting my body adjust, I sent a picture to Rhea with the plug in. Looking back at the picture, it looked like I had a purple baby pacifier rammed up my ass, which was the start of the decline of this being anywhere near the word sexy.

I stood up, laid back down, and tried various adjustments until the plug felt just right. It tried to fall out multiple times, but I made sure it went right back in there. I understand not too many things like being head first up someone’s ass, but this your job, plug!

I would honestly say that it’s probably a bit too short for me (heehee), which led to it not fitting quite properly. I am somewhat of a size queen when it comes to my ass.

Anyway, I decided to still go through with my plan, because why not? I found a quick twenty minute work out, and got started.

The first workout was knee raises. I clinched my asshole around that plug, holding on for dear life as I raised each knee. It didn’t feel bad. In fact, the full feeling was quite nice.

Next was a full on run in place. Okay, this time things were getting trickier. The plug started to move in and out, giving me a bit of panic each time. Even though I was alone, who wants to shit themself? Yeah I know, that wasn’t likely, but still, it’s not something I want to have to clean up.

Next on the list? Hop and squats. With every turn and squat I did, it felt like I had a little goblin behind me, mimicking my every move, except on impact he would shove his fist up my ass and secretly laugh about it.

As the exercises increased intensity, I knew this thing wouldn’t be able to take much more before coming out. The moment I dropped down for the next exercise, which was the plank and shoulder taps, I felt it happen.


Right in my boxers. Great. I just dropped this plug and a whole load in my boxers.

I stood up with the biggest feeling of shame and hesitantly reached behind me into my underwear.

Yay! No shit!

Just the plug, which I’m really starting to affectionately call Pacifier Rose.

I cleaned Rose off, and put it away. While this may not have been the best anal experience on the surface, it was definitely a fun one.

I see Rose and myself becoming great friends and really bonding more in the future.



One thought on “Pacifier Rose

  1. Try it with sit-ups on a slant board. Each up is an “oh boy!” And the board will hold it in. Within a few weeks, you’ll have amazing abs and be singing its praises.

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