It took me long enough, but here we are.

Stretch #2.

Pierced at 12g, I always knew I wouldn’t stay at that size. I got the first stretch to 10g back in late May/early June. I’ll admit I can’t remember exactly when it was, but it was somewhere in that range. Either way, I knew it had been long enough and went back Friday for my next one, which brought me to an 8g.

By this point, I trust my piercer, so I wasn’t worried about him doing it right. I was worried about, however, just how the stretch itself would feel, especially with this being the first into the single digit gauges. Leading up to it though, I got nervous. Not just about the pain, but about the fact I was scared my dick would get erect in his hand while he was working. Especially since it’s becoming more sensitive to touch again. I get it, he’s a professional, he’d understand, but still…

“Please excuse my dick, it seems to be excited about this.” While the three of us (him, me, and Rhea) wait in the piercing room for it to shrink back down. This would be different if I knew that once I’d seen him that one time, I wouldn’t have to again, but that’s it. I would. I go to him for all my piercings, and we’re friends on social media.


In fact, it turned into a nearly microscopic lump of flesh which probably contained more foreskin than actual dick. Somehow, he worked his magic and managed to make this work.

After doing some inspecting, and assuring me that the piercing was looking great and healthy, which put my fear of whale-mouth-dick to rest. He prepped everything and we began. He told me to breathe in, then out, repeat, then on the last one, told me to hold it, and as I let it out, he pushed the taper through the hole, and followed through with the jewelry. It felt no worse than the first, only the odd sensation of something really filling and stretching the area open, which I guess is fitting, considering that’s exactly what it is. He put the captive bead in, closed the ring around it, and we were done.

Simple enough. We’ve even had sex twice since then, and both times went perfectly fine. In fact, the thicker gauge feels better and adds sensation.

While there, I decided to make my tongue a bit more attractive and had a hole and some bling added to it. I had debated with myself for a while now over getting my tongue pierced. I find them super attractive, fun, and most of all, what it means to me. It took me a while to notice the trend I had started myself, but I find myself often getting a piercing to symbolize a new stage in my life, even if the actual piercing has nothing to do with the actual change. With the current road to recovery I’m on, I figured this was a fitting time to get it. Like I said, I’ve wanted it for some time now, but what always stopped me was aftercare. I’d read some pretty terrible horror stories about that on the internet. Is there really any information on the internet that’s not the worst fucking case, near-death scenario?

Plus, I didn’t want to stop tasting Rhea’s pussy. It’s one of my favorite things to do, and you’re talking six-to-eight weeks without it?

Hell to the NO!

She talked to me about it though. She told me to keep in mind that if I really wanted the piercing, that time frame is short compared to a life time. With the way she had to convince me, you’d think it was my cunt that was at risk of not being ate. So here I am, typing this three days later, and honestly, the healing isn’t so bad. The biggest obstacle I had to overcome was learning how to eat again, and talk. Sounding like Sean Connery only works if you’re Sean Connery.

Beyond that, it’s all been a pretty smooth process. My case has been a lot better than even what’s considered normal so far. I didn’t wake up with my tongue the size of a fist like I expected, and the pain is virtually non-existent.

I’ve just realized, I went this whole post without really updating my addiction recovery. It’s been going great. As time goes on, my urges are steadily decreasing, and things are improving in all the expected areas. It’d been years since I realized how earth-shattering an orgasm with your partner could be.

Oh, and for anyone wondering, whale-mouth-dick is the result of a PA being pierced badly and there not being enough skin/flesh around the holes. This leads to it migrating and eventually tearing through; leaving your dick-head looking like an open whale mouth.



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