Alien Eggs

As you may have noticed, Narcissus and I have more interests than just chastity and denial. One of the things we’ve been wanting to try is the “alien egg fetish”.

For those who don’t know, this fetish is where you put gelatin eggs inside your body, using a hollow dildo. Some of you may have seen the dildos, called ovipositors, made by primalhardwere for this very purpose. They look very interesting, and like they would be tons of fun, but because we weren’t sure how we’d feel about this once we actually did it, we found a cheaper route to experiment first. (We are not being paid, or compensated by primalhardwerhe, in any way for this. I’m simply including their name for reference.)

We bought an open-ended penis sleeve, and a jell-o egg mold. We made our gelatin eggs following the video instructions provided on primalhardwere. They turned out pretty good, but the instructions to stir slowly to avoid bubbles is important, unless you want one of the tip ends of your eggs to be white and spongy feeling. We let our eggs sit in the fridge for about twenty-four hours, but they’re definitely ready before that point.

So Narcissus and I gathered our eggs, our penis sleeve, and some lube, and started getting frisky. Once I was warmed up and ready, I lubed up one of the eggs, and put it in the sleeve, sliding it about halfway down. Narcissus worked the end of the sleeve into my pussy and started moving the first egg down to be planted inside me. However, this was harder than we thought it would be, the egg didn’t move that easy, so we added some more lube, and another egg to help push the first egg down. Things started to go a bit smoother, and we managed to get the first egg inside me, followed quicker, by the second. I have no doubt the “implanting” process would be quicker/better with a different device.

The first thing I noticed about the eggs is they were quite cold inside me, and there’s no way I could fit more than two at a time. I’ve seen some women that can fit all six at once, and I’m in awe of them. The coldness of the eggs faded rather quickly though. We kissed and he rubbed his dick against me for a few minutes before I asked him if he wanted to see me push them out. He eagerly said yes. So he sat back and I spread my legs so he had a good view, and I pushed the first egg out. We didn’t really understand just how fast the gelatin starts to dissolve; the egg was still an egg, but it was extremely sticky on the outside and had obviously melted some. I squatted to push the second egg out, Narcissus put his hand underneath me to catch it, and it was just as sticky and messy as the first egg.

We both realized we needed a towel at this point to protect the sheets from further gelatin and to wipe our hands on, so I grabbed one before we continued. I put the towel beneath me, and I asked him if he wanted to do two more eggs. Even though the gelatin was sticky and messy, it can’t be denied the whole process was pretty hot. The next two eggs slid down the sleeve easier this time, (we still put lube on both eggs) and I was filled with cold that lasted for about a minute again. We repeated the same process as earlier, but I squatted to push them both out this time.

We got to the last two eggs and I told him that this time I only wanted one put in me, and I wanted him to fuck me with it in. He had no issues with this, of course. So I spent several minutes giving him a blowjob, getting him nice and hard before I pushed an egg inside myself, not wanting to fuss with the sleeve this time. He climbed over me, and I put his dick inside with the egg. It definitely felt unique, but good. He thrusted until I had an orgasm, then I made him get out. I squatted to push the egg out, but it had dissolved a lot more and been pushed up very high by his dick so it really wasn’t moving. So I used my finger to pull it down some then pushed it out the rest of the way. It was definitely a lot more dissolved than the previous ones, and very sticky. A lot of gelatin stayed inside my pussy and slowly seeped out. I made a comment along the lines of “if you think of it as alien cum it’s not so gross” and he agreed.

With the final egg left, I told him I was going to put it inside me and he could fuck me until he had an orgasm. The issue with that was some of the gelatin had started drying on me (I had to pull myself open) and it made it hard for us to have really good sex. However, I managed another orgasm and he burst after me. We both quickly headed for the shower to get all the mess off, and I pushed the final egg out in the bathroom.

The conclusions we’ve drawn from the whole alien egg experience: it’s messy but it can be hot. It makes penetrative sex not really good because it almost glues you in place. The gelatin has an odd smell. You definitely need a towel, and a wet cloth or wipes. Also make sure you have lots of lube to wet yourself, and the eggs. Overall, I think it’s a fun addition if you’re okay with a mess, and you don’t plan to have penetrating sex. You will need time for a shower after, and you can bet that some gelatin will stay inside whoever is implanted, and slowly leak out over the next few hours. However, it’s a very minimal amount.



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