Every time I say I plan to post more, I don’t. I’ve never been the one to make false promises, so it crossed my mind from time to time that I was doing just that, as time passed from the last post I’d made.

After reading Rhea’s last post, it made me think.

I realized that I was having the same exact problem as her. I felt like anything that I had to say that wasn’t directly related to chastity, was off topic, and that it wasn’t allowed here by the imaginary moderator that controls what we can and can’t post.

After reflecting on where we’d started with enforced chastity and now, I came to the conclusion that even though we don’t incorporate the cage nearly as much as we used to, it doesn’t matter. It played its part in our relationship in establishing the change in dynamics and getting me into the right mindset. In the beginning, my mindset would change the moment the cage was locked, and unlocked. It depended on me wearing it. While it can be fun still, it’s no longer necessary. Rhea is in charge of my sex, and she’s in charge of the relationship. I know that, whether I’m wearing a cage or not. I’ve learned to think without my dick, and how to have a fulfilling sex life that doesn’t involve it.

That being said, like Rhea, I am going to start discussing our general kinks and FLR more often, because it’s still our journey that started with enforced chastity, and evolved into what we have now.



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