Denial Feelings

Everyone who practices denial (in chastity, or non-chastity form) does it for a different reason. Usually, it’s more than one reason and a lot of us have a few reasons in common. Whatever the reason you practice it is acceptable and a choice you and your partner must make together.

One of the reasons we practice denial is because it creates moments that you just can’t achieve without it, in my opinion. If a guy is always allowed to orgasm, every single time he has sex (in every form), then he starts to not appreciate the orgasms as much. They become a run of the mill thing, and their intensity can be rather low if he’s getting them frequently. I like to ensure this doesn’t happen by keeping my boy in denial.

However, as quite a few of you already know, when you do get an orgasm after being in denial, it is definitely worth it. The intensity is that much stronger and therefore the pleasure is greatly enhanced (or so I hear). I’m sure I’m not the only dominant partner who also gets something from finally letting their partner orgasm, even though we don’t experience it the same way they do. As I’ve said before, I have the urge to occasionally be filled with cum, and there’s nothing more satisfying than having that urge filled by a boy who has been denied.

It was on Saturday night/Sunday morning that I got to have my desires fulfilled. Since the stretch of the piercing, Narcissus and I have haven’t been engaging in a lot of activity, because we want to ensure that everything stays okay with the piercing. So I was definitely ready for some good sex by this time. I had put music on, and climbed into the bed fully naked, asking him to climb in beside me.

I had him start by kissing me, fondling my breasts and nipples. I was being impatient though so it wasn’t long before I had him move his mouth to my nipples, sucking and biting them. I like my nipples messed with roughly, partially because they’re somewhat insensitive, and partially because I’m just into that sort of pain. I could feel myself getting more worked up. Narcissus also noticed this, and he knew it was time to up the ante. He moved between my legs and started sucking and biting at my thighs. He continued to tease me, alternating between legs, always getting close to my pussy but not actually touching it. I love the anticipation this creates, and how wet it gets me.

After substantial teasing, he moved to my pussy, sucking and licking everywhere but on my clit directly. He kept his actions soft and subtle, never using any real pressure. You would think that the more pressure you used the more sensation there would be, but for me, at least, the less pressure, the more I feel. I can feel the blood rush to pussy, making me swell. I can feel every little breath, and every small flick of his tongue. He slowly made his way to my clit, flicking his tongue over it, sucking it gently, driving me crazy. I wanted to orgasm, but I had him stop just short because I decided I wanted to keep the intensity I was feeling through to penetrative sex.

It was my turn to tease him now. I played with his nipples, getting them hard and making him further excited. I traced my fingers over his legs, over his pubic area and near his penis but I didn’t touch it quite yet. I let him focus on all my touches, and let him get more excited at the idea of me touching his genitals. Slowly, I began stroking the top of his dick Ina downward motion and fondling his balls.

Once his dick was at full attention, I began to tease him with my mouth. I sucked at his head, and I focused on his dick one side at a time. I enjoyed all the soft sounds he gave me, all the sharp inhales of his breath. There are very few things I enjoy more than hearing the noises of pleasure, or pain, in response to something I am doing. I teased Narcissus with my mouth for a rather long time, and I am sure that he was beginning to think I may even let him orgasm with the way I carried on. But, no. I had my mind set on letting him orgasm inside me.

I laid back, pulling him over me, into missionary position. I closed my eyes and simply enjoyed the feeling of him thrusting into me, for a while. After a while though, the urge for him to orgasm inside me hit me strongly. I told him I wanted to bend over and to feel him cum inside me. I could sense his excitement even though he simply said, “okay” out loud.

So I bent over and he slid back inside me. He thrusted until I came, knowing that even though I wanted him to orgasm that he isn’t allowed to until I do. As I was still feeling the waves of my own orgasm, he came in me, and that elevated me to a new level. I enjoyed every sound of pleasure he let out, as he poured himself inside me. There was intensity between us that was rarely matched before the days of denial, and an instant calm and relaxed feeling, too.

Like I was saying at the beginning of this post, this is part of why we practice denial. I love the intensity that it gives us. I love the feeling of letting him orgasm when I’m ready. I wouldn’t want it any other way.



2 thoughts on “Denial Feelings

  1. ” . . . the less pressure, the more I feel.”

    Echo: YES.

    The gentle pressure, the indirect tongue, the resultant swell… I read that paragraph nodding along with an “Mm-hmmm.” 🙂

    Beautifully described.


  2. Glad to see things are getting back to “normal”. Oh… hi. II just found your blog and just finished reading the entire thing. I have watched you you mature. Good luck.


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