Stretch #1

The stretching process has officially started, and it’s off to a great start this time. Nothing like the last time whatsoever.

I normally don’t like to talk about things until they’re done out of fear that I will jinx them. For that reason, it was hard not to go into detail in my last post that my first stretch with the PA was going to be attempted the day after I posted.

However, it went perfectly fine. The entire day before, it lingered in the back of my mind that it was coming up, and I had no idea what to expect. I’ve read some pretty bad horror stories about people having tough or painful stretches, and even my first one had an influence. Luckily, I have an amazing piercer, and he followed all of the proper procedures from how long I was supposed to wait, to doing the stretch itself, correctly.

We arrived at the studio shortly after it opened, where the piercer was finishing the autoclave process with the 10g ring I was about to have inserted. After some casual conversation during his preparation, I dropped my underwear and pants (a process I’ve done enough to no longer be ashamed of) and laid back into the chair. As usual, he talked me through it, and told me what was about to happen as the stretch proceeded. I can’t talk much about what actually happened beyond what he told me and what Rhea can tell me, because I refuse to look at these kinds of things, knowing my mind will exaggerate any pain I may feel from it if I see it. All I can say is that he told me he was opening my old ring, followed by the stretch starting, a quick pinch, and it was over. I thought the taper was still in me, when in reality the new 10g ring had been closed up and we were done.

Even though he recommended we wait a week for sex in part of the aftercare, I felt totally fine. No pain, burning, blood, or anything. We skipped that night, but decided to try it the following night. Not only did it not hurt at all, but it was actually an improvement over the 12g. I’ve read others say that the move from 12 to 10g was a big improvement, but I didn’t think just one stretch up would do so much. I can also feel the slightly heavier ring move much more, which definitely adds to sex.

Today will make the third day since the stretch, and things are only getting better. I’m getting more adjusted to the feeling of a larger ring through the piercing. Which, hopefully means I won’t have to wait too long before I can move up to an 8g, with my end goal being a 2g. Either way, I’m not rushing this process at all.




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