A New Beginning

It’s been a while since we’ve updated our blog. I’m sure some of our readers suspected that we may be done with blogging, or possibly quit practicing enforced chastity/FLR. Neither of those are true, even though wearing the cage is still on the back burner for now. There hasn’t been a lot to update on, but a lot going on, at the same time.

Our last post left off on the topic of us meeting Flower. Which is still going fine, but none of us are rushing the situation. We hung out with him again, and currently keep in touch with him daily.

Now, onto the bigger topic for this post. Instead of dragging the point out, I’m going to get right to it; I had to let the PA close. Even though it healed well initially, it only did so until a certain point. It seemed like it never quite healed the way it should have. I was still experiencing some pain that should’ve been over with within the first few weeks, which I didn’t realize until reading about others experiences with it, and there was always some level of discomfort with it. After further inspection, Rhea and I both noticed that the piercing was actually done through a portion of my foreskin. That’s what was leading to the pain that I was experiencing.

Regardless, I wanted to make the piercing work because I really didn’t want to have to let it go and start the process all over again with a fresh one. Being told by the piercer that I could stretch it in four weeks, I listened to him since he was the professional that did it, even if it conflicted with what I read online. Let me just say this, four weeks is not enough time. I took the original jewelry out, and within minutes the hole was closed from the inside.

As upsetting as this was, Rhea and I both took it as a sign that I just wasn’t meant to have this one, especially since it wasn’t done right, and started planning for getting it re-pierced. I gave it some time to heal, then started on the search to find another piercer.

This was probably the hardest aspect of the process. I began calling around to the few shops available to us, which was only three, including the first one I got it done at. I definitely wasn’t going back there. The next closest one lost its piercer that does them, so I was left with one more place, which couldn’t even give me a price until the piercer was there because the prices varied. This alone wasn’t a huge issue, but the schedule that the genital piercers are there seemed rather sporadic. By this point, I was discouraged because as bad as I wanted the piercing, it seemed as if this was something that was unlikely for me for a while.

Then I remembered, there was one more shop!

When we made our round of calls for the first PA, there was one shop I never got a definitive answer from because the one time I called, the piercer wasn’t in. Though I wasn’t very optimistic by this point, I decided to call yesterday since it was a last resort. The piercer was in, and he answered the phone. Not only does he do that specific piercing, but they were offering a discount on it on that specific day. To make things better, Rhea and I were already in the shop’s town.

We hurried over, and immediately, he greeted us with a very welcoming and friendly personality. He took us into the room where the piercing would be done, and went over the procedure in detail, answering any and every question we had.

The thing that I found most intimidating about this is that he required I’m erect for it. I completely understood and agreed with the reasoning for it, but I knew it’d be a serious challenge to make that happen, knowing it was just to get a needle shoved through it. He gave us privacy, and as much time as we needed.

With some help from Rhea, I got as hard as I possibly could for something like this. It definitely wasn’t to its fullest potential, but enough to get the job done. He measured, marked, and made sure I was happy with it all, then started.

First, I felt the all too familiar urethra insert, which will never feel great. Then, again, the second needle within a couple of months was creating another hole in my dick.

I didn’t bleed the first time aside from a bit that initially happened, but this time was the complete opposite. I didn’t want to see it, but Rhea and the piercer both told me that it was a lot. He piled paper towels around the area, and made small talk while we waited for the flow to slow down. I wasn’t worried about the blood, as I had read it was normal and surprised I didn’t have more the first time.

He put the jewelry in and inserted the bead into the ring. He went over the care and healing in detail, as he did everything. I paid, and it was all done.

When the entire process of getting the piercing the first time started, the goal was to get the person with the most experience. While that initially may sound great, I’ve learned my lesson with this. The best thing to do is to visit each shop you are considering and see for yourself which one seems better. The first piercer I went to wasn’t very personable, and he didn’t do a very good job at making me feel very welcomed in his shop. He didn’t seem very confident in doing the procedure either, but I noticed none of that until experiencing the piercer yesterday.

He seemed to genuinely care about my preferences, and well-being during the aftercare. He constantly made sure I was fine during the piercing process, and he never continued onto another step until he made sure everything was done to my liking. He even gave me every way to contact him, telling me that I could contact him outside of the shop and that he’d even check in with me on the healing.

I bled moderately heavy for the rest of the day, but it slowed down as night went on, and now as I type this, I haven’t experienced any at all. As far as pain in the aftercare goes, I haven’t experienced as much as I did with my first one, which was never much beyond the discomfort during urinating, which has already completely went away with this one.

Like I said, it seems like common sense to make it a priority to meet the person who’s gonna stick a needle into one of your most intimate areas before they actually do it, but I was a little too wrapped up on thinking the experience was the only thing that mattered.

Hindsight is 20/20. I take this as a lesson learned. If I’m ever put in this type of situation again, I’ll keep this experience in mind.



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