The Healing

Today makes ten days since getting the PA. It’s been healing extremely well. Before I get ahead of myself and talk about today, let me catch you up, starting from the beginning.

The first few days after getting it, I was pretty sensitive. I didn’t feel any pain during any basic day-to-day activities, but I could feel a slightly odd sensation in the area when retracting my foreskin. It’s hard to describe. Not fully pain, not exactly pleasurable either. Pissing got better by the day, bit by bit, until it was completely back to normal again.

Well, the feeling is back to normal anyway.

As far as pissing itself, as expected, I’m still getting the hang of that. With the exact right combination of jewelry and foreskin placement, I can have a completely mess free time. Generally, it’s not the worth the time to try and get it just right, so I just sit down and be done with it. A lot of men would probably hate the idea of sitting down, and so do I, honestly. However, mine isn’t because of trying to maintain some “masculine” image. I honestly just have a hard time sitting down on public toilets without fearing what I may be coming in contact with. Luckily for me, most urinals are designed where I can aim my dick just right for the drip not to make a mess. I’m sure I will eventually just get over the issue of using public toilets, or worst case scenario, I will end up carrying around some disinfectant wipes with me.

A few nights after having it done, Rhea started to tease me some while we laid in bed, gently running her hand over my dick and lightly touching it. Before I knew it, I was fully erect in her hand. She was patient, and took it slow, with me guiding her on what I could take. She stroked me lightly, staying close to the base to avoid contact with the piercing. This felt amazing to me, but eventually I started to feel a tiny bit of sensitivity in the piercing’s location, so we stopped for the night. I didn’t want to, but I didn’t want to risk delaying the healing any further, and neither did she.

The next night, we played around a bit more. She made sure to still avoid the piercing, but could get a bit more range and speed in than the night before. I was lost in the feeling that I had been dying to have, and before I realized it, I was having an orgasm in her hands. It was completely unexpected, but most definitely appreciated. I was a bit worried after I came down from the high that it gave me that I would have some pain to deal with, but there was actually none.

We had a busy, yet fun, weekend ahead of us, especially with Rhea’s birthday approaching. I woke up Friday morning with a serious erection, and before I could fully become alert, I felt Rhea slip into my boxers and wrap her hand around it. After some small, teasing strokes, she went in for the kill and gave me another orgasm. I couldn’t have imagined a better way to start our day.

We were busy traveling, doing new things, and just enjoying ourselves over the next few days, so sex wasn’t really an option. Neither of us even had much time to even think about it. Not to mention, she got sick in the midst of all of this. By the time we were done with the day, we were just too wore down when night arrived to do anything other than get ready for bed and sleep. Our busiest day was Sunday, which included a lot of walking basically the entire day. This included up and down stairs, long stretches, etc. It wasn’t too bad for me, but as the day started to come to an end, I felt a small nagging pain. I admit, that was my fault. The piercer had suggested I wear tighter fitting underwear to avoid my dick banging around a lot as I walked, but I have always been a bigger fan of the looser fit. It didn’t cause any major issues, and after sitting for a little while, it was completely gone.

After it was all said and done, I came back to my house for the week. It was tough being around her for over a week after I got the piercing with no penetrative sex. We found other ways to achieve the same intimacy, as I stated in the previous post, but it was still a bit challenging at times to not have the option to share that moment with each other. I think when we see each other again, which is currently planned for this upcoming weekend, I’ll be ready.

Which leads me back to last night…

This was the first night Rhea wasn’t around since I’ve had it, so I decided to take the time to explore the new and improved me a bit. Of course, I did it under her permission. I masturbated using only my shaft, being sure to avoid sliding my hand over the ring, just because I’m that much of a cautious person. I didn’t feel any pain during this. In fact, the ring felt amazing moving in and out of me as I stroked myself.

I experimented with a bit more again today. This time, I included the ring a little more. I didn’t want to get carried away, so I only occasionally moved it some, but it felt great. In the middle of doing this, I got a text from Rhea telling me she was allowing me to orgasm since I hadn’t had the opportunity to have much done to me since getting it. It’s like she read my mind, because I was dying to have one, but wasn’t gonna ask if she hadn’t allowed it. She gave me a specific time to have it, and right on the dot, I exploded.

So far, the piercing is very promising. Just when I think it can’t get any better, something new happens that makes me love it even more. The next thing to find out is what’s it like for Rhea, which I’m dying to know. While it may not do a single thing for her, I’m hoping she loves it.



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