There’s a few ways to practice chastity and orgasm denial. Some people use the honor system, some use a cage, and some just simply implement orgasm control into their relationship. Regardless, there’s always someone who is in control, whether it’s their partner, designated keyholder, or just their self.

For now, while this PA heals, the thing that holds key to my dick is time.

I want to make it clear that Rhea is still in control of our sex life, but my dick is going to be completely out of that until time decides I’m able to have anything done to it. I initially thought this would be tough, and a very hard thing to do. Not because we don’t do anything else, we have always found ways to achieve that same level of intimacy that didn’t have to include penetrative sex. Still, there is just something frustrating at the thought of it not being an option that either of us can control.

However, I’m learning that this isn’t a bad thing at all. In fact, it’s turning into a very positive thing.

Yesterday, being the first full day I was out of action, was a bit frustrating for us I’d say. The reality was settling in and it had us in somewhat of a momentary slump that it was actually like that. It’s not because we just sat around all the time having sex or anything like that, but as I’ve said, just knowing we couldn’t do anything about it was killer.

Knowing that Rhea loves to use the crop and whip on me, and I love the way it feels, we both agreed that using them was a good idea. We went into this seeing it as a way to relax, almost therapeutic in a sense.

After she used them both on me for some time, we both agreed that we felt refreshed, and the slump we were going through had left. At this moment, I realized how this was giving us the opportunity to truly explore different aspects of what we do with more emphasis by forcing us to do so.

We both enjoy the concept of pain, inflicting it and receiving it, so this was something we had no problem doing. I found myself manipulating the way my body and mind received it as she inflicted it upon me. I’m more thankful than I could ever put in words to have her as my partner in this, because we both clearly communicate and understand each other and what we expect/want from this before we start.

Today, I told her I really wanted to feel it again. Considering it’s something we both enjoy, she had no problem agreeing.

In nothing more than a thong and one of my favorite pair of shoes she owns, she instructed me to strip completely naked and get on all fours. I obliged, anxiously waiting for her next move. I closed my eyes and focused on everything using my other senses. I could feel her body heat transition as she moved around me, I could hear the shoes as they moved across the floor. Then I felt the whip gently slide across my back before she lifted it and snapped it down onto me.

I had already found the place in my mind that enjoyed this tremendously. I was ready to feel it again, and it’s like she read my mind. I felt a second impact, then another, and some more followed, varying in intensity levels across my back. I focused on how the various parts of me accepted the sensations, and just how pleasurable they could be if in the right set of mind. This was something I always experimented with, but never to the fullest extent possible. Knowing my dick was an option in some way, I would let it hold a presence throughout it.

She stood over me and straddled my back, allowing me to feel her skin against mine. Usually this would have made me hard, and focus the feeling toward my dick, but this time was different. I knew that wasn’t an option, so I let the focus remain in the area that I felt it in, and really appreciated how amazing it truly felt. It reminded me of her dominance over me, also.

Her next move was to pull out the crop, and command me to stand on my knees. She asked how I felt, but I wasn’t sure how to properly answer that. My first response was nervous, but that wasn’t true. I corrected it and said anxious, which I feel also didn’t fully describe it. It was the best word I could find at that moment, already being really distracted at how amazing she looked as she walked around me, lightly tapping me with the crop.

As I type, I still can’t find a better word than anxious if I was to keep it simple. Anticipation would probably be a better way to express what I was experiencing in that moment, however. I anticipated her next move, how it would feel, how I would receive it, how my mind would take it.

Still on my knees, she told me to lean against the bed, and without hesitation I did so, and closed my eyes again. After some light teasing with the crop, she really laid it into me. Still in the deeper mindset than usual, I felt no pain from this, yet felt it in its entirety. As it made impact with my skin, I could feel every sensation and feeling that came with it, but it felt pleasurable, and exciting. The thrill that I got from it was indescribable.

I could tell that this was turning her on, and that had an effect on me. I had the uncontrollable urge to sexually satisfy her. That’s always my first and main priority, regardless. However, the thought of having my dick stimulated naturally crossed my mind at some point usually. I knew that just wasn’t an option today, and I wasn’t bothered by that. I had found that same physical stimulation through what she did with the whip and crop.

I waited until she was done, and laying on the bed when I couldn’t take it any longer. After fondling her breasts and sucking on her nipples, I slid the thong off and had to taste her. She considered the fact that I wouldn’t be able to do anything, but I didn’t have a bit of worry about that. I wanted to satisfy her, and I just had to do it.

I sucked, licked, and just took her in while I played with her nipples and breasts until she had her orgasm. When I was done, I felt extremely satisfied and relieved, myself. Still feeling the warmth on my back where the blood had rushed to the areas of impact, and seeing her bask in the pleasure that I had just provided made me feel just as relieved, accomplished, and as satisfied as any orgasm could ever provide, if not more, in the overall bodily and mind combination that I was able to receive from this experience.



One thought on “Exploration

  1. ” I found myself manipulating the way my body and mind received it as she inflicted it upon me”

    About a year ago I would have said I was against pain, turned off by it until one night at a friends house our Dom male friend introduced my wife to a cane. He playfully instructed her on the finer points of caning as I recoiled in my indignant headspace. Then the most unusual thing happened, I felt the pain as intensely focused attention coupled with opportunity to experience vulnerability. I’ve been hooked ever since.

    And since then I’ve been trying to show my wife how enjoyable pain can be with the right mindset. A whole other world of sensation.

    Great post!

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