A Busy Weekend With A Hint Of Sex

This weekend was pretty active for Rhea and I. We went out of state, and did a few fun things over the course of two days. Before I go too far, however, it’s best I start with Friday night.

We had sex. Great sex. Amazing sex.

We started it off with some oral on her, which I just can’t stress how much I love doing. I played with her nipples the entire time, just as I know she likes. This time was a bit different though. She was aggressive as hell, and I loved it. She continuously pushed my face deep into her wet pussy, grinding it against my entire face and commanding me to take her scent and taste in as her juices covered me. She loved controlling me like this, and the whole thing was turning me on to the point of becoming something so primal and wild.

We did this for a while until she told me to stand up. She got on her knees in front of me and pushed my dick into her mouth. As she’s mentioned, this is to help me build endurance of being stimulated while standing. We both agree that it’s working too. I could really focus on how well she was doing and not feel so weak from the stimulation.

She eventually stood up, bent over, and placed her hands on the bed. I wasted no time pushing my cock inside of her. After a few thrusts, she pulled off of me and got fully onto the bed, bent over on her hands and knees. I climbed on behind her, and continued what we had started while standing.

She had pulled the more primal side out of me earlier, and if anything, it had only increased between then and now. I scratched, licked, bit, and really fucked her just like she wanted me to. Like I’ve said plenty of times before, she knows how to get the exact response out of me that she wants, and she does it well.

We were both so into it that neither of us was trying to have an orgasm. After a few times of having to stop and slow down to not cum, I somehow feel I eventually trained myself not to do it in that moment, and we just went on with one long continuous fuck.

Eventually, my body reminded me of just how long we had been going. I laid back and realized just how soaked I was from sweat. I took a minute to cool down, rest up, catch my breath, then got directly back into it. We went at it for a bit longer then she had her orgasm.

After all of that, she didn’t even let me have one. I wasn’t expecting it, but a part of me wondered if she would tell me to have one after getting me just that worked up and making me go for so long. I have to be honest, I actually like the fact that she didn’t. I feel like that’s true orgasm control and denial right there.

The next day we got up and headed out of state to Maryland. The main reason we went was to see her favorite band in concert (which they put on an amazing show), but we did a few other things while there. She knew we’d be really busy over the weekend, and there was a big chance I may not get through security at the concert with the cage on, so she let me be free through all of this.

After seeing the band, we got a room Saturday night since no one wanted to make the long drive back in the same night. We got up the next day and toured the place a bit, and went to a few of its known attractions. I wasn’t expecting we’d do as much as we did, but I had a blast doing it all with her.

After we made it back home, she packed and left my house to go back to hers since she had planned to do a few things with her family over the course of the next couple of weeks. I’m sure I’ll be at her house soon enough, though. She’ll likely be at mine just as soon, also.

We had no time for any sexy stuff during the weekend itself due to just how busy we were. Last night, however, before bed, she sent me a text asking if I remembered her scent and taste. At that very moment, I knew everything was back to normal. I got up today and locked back up for her.

The little vacation was really fun, but it’s so nice to be back to business.



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