Yesterday morning, Rhea told me to set some time aside because she thought it’d be good for me to have some reflection time. This, however, wasn’t the reflection time that’s brought on by bad behavior. This was more of a maintenance one that we do from time to time. It usually involves me being tied to the bed, and blindfolded.

She wanted to add something a little different to it this time, so she instructed me to find six clothespins.

I did as she said, and rounded them up then returned to the bedroom. I stripped naked then laid on the bed. She started with my feet first, then moved to my hands. I couldn’t quite get comfortable initially, so I asked her to give me a bit more rope between the bedpost and my wrists, hoping that the added mobility would help me relax a bit more. She did so, and it helped, so she tied the blindfold over my eyes next.

Then I felt the first pinch on my left nipple. A pinch on my right one followed, then four more on my balls. Not only did I love the submissive feeling that this gave me, but I love to take the opportunity of being blindfolded to focus on feelings and sensations instead of relying on my vision in any way. No other sounds or lights in the room, I was there, tied up, blindfolded, and feeling the sensations of some of my most sensitive areas being pinched.

The clothespin gripping my right nipple. Picture taken by Rhea.

The clothespin gripping my right nipple. Picture taken by Rhea.

After a few minutes, I felt my mind start to drop to a place more peaceful than anything I can obtain otherwise. I felt the world around me fade, the pain from the clothespins started to turn to small pulses of pleasure repeatedly running through the areas they were at. It’s almost like a form of meditation. I felt comfortable, and completely in Rhea’s hands. I couldn’t see, but could clearly feel her next to me. I could feel her energy, and this led to it being a very bonding moment.

She teased me by occasionally nudging and pulling on the clothespins slightly, but I loved the feeling, especially on my nipples.

To add to this, she laid on me, her bare body pressed against mine. I could feel and recognize every inch of her body without seeing it. I had the feeling that I was more than the physical body that was tied up, and that I was more connected with my inner self.

Then I heard outside noises.

I heard the cars passing by, the birds, all of the commotion that you’d normally hear in the middle of any town. At this very moment, I started to slowly be pulled back into reality. The calm feeling was being yanked away, the pain from the clothespin was starting to resurface, and most of all, I started to feel restricted.

I panicked and quickly asked her to untie me. We had talked about the possibility of this happening, so she wasted no time untying me. I have to say, opening the clothespins to pull them off was a worse feeling than any other aspect of having them on. She didn’t yank them, at all. In fact, she was gentle about taking them off. The skin being freed hurt like hell, though.

Immediately after we were done, I felt like a complete failure. She reassured me that she was happy and didn’t see what I did as a failure at all, but I couldn’t get over the fact that I couldn’t get through something that I usually love to do. She mentioned that it could be the fact that we added something to it this time that pushed me a bit too far, and that is likely a part of it, but after giving it some thought, there was definitely another factor in it that probably had a big contribution.

It was at the wrong time.

Usually, when we do this it’s later at night, sometime before bed. Not only are we usually more relaxed by then, but the outside world is a lot calmer, causing less distractions. I never thought that it would matter much, but it plays a much bigger part than I ever suspected. I had too much energy to remain relaxed like I needed to, and the noises that I associate with starting the day reminded my mind of this, leading to the problem that it did.

I told her about this, and she agreed that it probably did play a large part in it. It’s something that I love to do, and I reassured her of this because I don’t want her to stop it, thinking that it is truly something I have a problem with.

We looked at it as a learning experience rather than a failure and said it’s something we’d take into consideration the next time we planned it.

Later that day, let’s just say, I got a couple of pleasant surprises.



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