Double Day

We don’t discuss every sexual thing we do, because not every detail is as exciting as others. However, I’m going to discuss yesterday, because it is more exciting. Narcissus got to orgasm twice.

I know it hasn’t been extraordinarily long since his last orgasm, not even a week, but I was ready. We haven’t been able to be as sexual this week as we normally are, due to the irritation that he talked about, but we’ve done a few things still. He’s been edged, I’ve used my vibrating wand for a couple orgasms, things of that nature.

So yesterday, irritation was gone, and I wanted some penetrative sex. He started out playing with my nipples, which I love, then he started oral, while continuing the nipple stimulation. When he does this, I am really able to just relax, and get into a seriously sexual zone. It quiets my minds and turns it into a roaring mess all at once. It’s an indescribable feeling that I hope everyone gets to experience at some point in life. I didn’t allow him to bring me to orgasm though, I wanted my orgasm to happen while he was inside me.

I stopped him, and I had him stand up, on the floor. He had mentioned wanting to try to do more sexual things while standing, because he gets weak in the legs when being sexually stimulated. So, we’re working on this, like a sort of training. Anyway, he was standing, and I sunk down to my knees, and began blowing him. I enjoy doing this, because it makes him melt. It’s fun to listen to his sounds of pleasure and appreciation as I run my tongue and mouth over his dick. I grabbed his hand and placed it on my head, physically telling him it was okay for him to control the speed. I brought him to the edge four times this way. Then we climbed back on the bed and I had him get on top.

There’s something very erotic about making him control himself. When he’s on top he has to be the one to stop the thrusting in order to not orgasm. He times himself very well, and stops whenever he gets close to the edge. Devious me has to push him, though. He hasn’t had an accident, yet.

I reached my orgasm, and it was lovely and long, and then I told him to orgasm. I watched him above me, in his own throes of pleasure, and I loved every second of it. I love denying him, but I also love when I let him orgasm and I can tell he’s truly enjoying every second of it.

The second orgasm of the day came when I suggested we take a nap. We laid down and just couldn’t quite get to sleep, which was strange considering we were both a bit tired. Somehow we managed to start playing around with one another, and sex was initiated.

I had him get on top again, which is common anytime we have sex when we’re supposed to be sleeping. I think I get too lazy for anything else. I reached one orgasm which was great, then, I had him keep thrusting, but didn’t give him permission to orgasm. After a brief time I reached a second orgasm, which is when I told him to cum again.

Of course, he listened like a champ and did exactly as I said without any complaints.

I do think I went a bit overboard with everything yesterday though, as he mentioned he had a slightly irritated feeling after everything. It was all enjoyable though, so, I regret nothing.

I hope everyone else had a pleasant weekend.



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