Soap Happens

At the beginning of the week, I developed a skin irritation from using a soap that I’m allergic to. As a result of this, I had to stop wearing my device for the remainder of the week. I have to say, I wasn’t too happy about that.

Even through all the dry skin and itchiness, I was dead set on wearing it. Ironically enough, however, Rhea demanded that I did not wear it. She was definitely making the wisest choice, because as she said, rushing back into it was only going to lead to an even longer time being out. She took good care of me the next few days, making sure to lotion me up well. I always really looked forward to when it was time to do my balls and dick, especially.

When we were out and about, it’d almost feel like the equivalent of not wearing any underwear. I know no one else knew that it wasn’t there, and definitely couldn’t care less if I was wearing it or not, but my loose, swinging dick, felt so exposed.

I’ve probably went two consecutive days, at most, without it before this.

We’ve never looked to the device to define what we do, but more of an accessory to aid what we do. We both know this, but that didn’t make me feel any less weird about not having it on, especially since it’s been a part of our routine since we’ve started enforced chastity. It probably bothered me not having it on more than it did her. In fact, I know that it did. She loves it, and wouldn’t want to permanently let it go (after all, she did bring the idea of doing enforced chastity up to me), but fortunately, she knows that shit happens.

I, on the other hand, just felt too wrong without it. I wanted to go against what my body was telling me and put it on. In the end, she is the one in charge, so I listened to her when she told me I couldn’t.

Yesterday, we decided to take a trip out of town. Before leaving, I pleaded with Rhea to let me wear it out, but she insisted we wait on it, just to be safe. I thought I was ready, but she didn’t.

Fine, I’ll wait.

We got up today, did a few things, then prepared to go to a festival. After getting out of the shower, I went into the bedroom to get dressed. Before I could put anything on, Rhea laid the device in front of me on the bed. I knew what that meant, no words needed.

For the first time this week, I felt like myself again while out of the house. No loose bouncing dick, no unwanted stimulation, no unwanted erections (Which I’m proud to say I honestly didn’t get), no anything except a caged and locked cock.

Oh, and it’s still on as I type this post.

Locked cock is back.



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