Long Versus Short

Last night while talking, Rhea brought something to my attention that I hadn’t realized, myself. She pointed out the fact that orgasms and control was an on-going theme with our latest posts, in one way or another. I especially feel like mine focused on them, probably because this was my first long denial.

However, I feel like this post is going to somewhat be the conclusion of that specific journey.

As I said in 7, she let me have one on our anniversary. Later that night, once we were done with everything, she decided to edge me a bit before bed. While doing it, she got me close a few times, then stopped, as she normally does. Then she did it again and this time, when I said stop, she clinched my dick in a very specific spot at the base and gave it a small stroke, pushing me over just enough to give me a truly ruined orgasm.

Now you may ask why do I specify it as a truly ruined orgasm. I put an emphasis on that because I have times where she gets me just close enough for a bit of cum to spill over, but I have no feeling whatsoever like it’s an orgasm. My dick remains completely erect, and there’s no contractions. I know that a lot of people would consider this a ruined orgasm, and in a sense it probably is something down the lines of one, but it’s hard for me to classify it as that when I feel no other aspect of an orgasm.

Not this time.

With just the right move, she managed to push me fully into that zone, causing my dick to pulsate and spurt cum from it, completely at her delight as she could sit back and watch this, knowing she initiated it but did not go through with it. The feeling of craving the stimulation as the initial waves moved through my cock was truly torturous to feel, and something that I can’t say I had ever felt before to that extent. She was so proud of her timing, which I have to admit, I loved that she knew me in such a way. I loved that she studied me enough to know such precise timing and movement like that.

After basking in her glory, she grabbed my dick before it went completely flaccid and stroked it to a full erection again, this time adding her mouth into it. She did this until I had a full orgasm. I wasn’t expecting it, but definitely appreciated it. I suspect she gave me a full one because it was still our anniversary.

Going from having no orgasms in over a month to having two and a half in one day, I was drained for the day. We wasted no time going to bed after that.

When we first started orgasm denial, I would often wonder what’s a short term denial orgasm like compared to one that’s given after a longer period of denial. I’ve had a couple of days to really think about that, and come to my own conclusion on how I feel about them.

Near the beginning, when I’d receive my orgasms more often, I noticed that I’d want them more. It’s not because I expected them, but because I feel like my brain was more addicted to the feeling. It happened often enough that I was reminded of what they feel like, and that made me want more of them.

Now, on the other hand, long term denial seemed to do the same exact thing, but in a completely different way that made them almost opposite of each other.

There’s a difference between a craving and a want, and that’s what draws the line between the two. When you crave something, it feels like a need, and that you have to have it at any means. It’s a passion to obtain something, a feeling that you can’t fully put into words, like you have no control over it yourself. That’s more how I am on short terms. I crave the feeling of an orgasm, even if I don’t expect them. It’s like the feeling of an orgasm is cemented into your mind, reminding you of how good it feels and why you need to have another.

With this long term period, it somewhat started off that way. The first few days I had that craving to have one, but it eventually faded as time went on. It transitioned into a feeling of wanting one because of how long it’s been since I’ve felt what one feels like, but wanting one based on feeling was basically gone because of how long it had been since I was reminded of how it feels. This time it was me wanting one rather than my instincts and brain wanting to feel it.

That doesn’t mean I wanted it any less now. In fact, it made the want to have one linger more in a sense. The short term want is more confined to a moment, when I’m horny and my body realizes something sexual is going on. It felt more like a need then, but it was more normalized once my hormones returned to normal. With the long term, the want for it came out of that moment and kept a place in my mind. I could be doing any random thing throughout the day and thought about how long it had been since I had one and would want to feel one again. It was a more rational want, so it was there no matter what.

On to the actual orgasms. In short term, they feel good, great even, but just as I stated, when I have the feeling of them constantly reintroduced to my body, it forms somewhat of a memory of what they feel like, and having them is like a reminder. When I had one after this long term period, it was a more overall experience. That’s not to say that the others aren’t like that, but there’s parts of me that I only feel during an orgasm that hadn’t been used in a while. These places ranged from both mental and physical triggers that only happens in that moment.

I wondered if I’d get that need afterward to have more like I do from short term, but I didn’t. I’m honestly a little surprised by this. If I had to guess, I’d say that I haven’t had enough to build that association back up yet. I will say that I definitely felt more worn out after, but I’m sure that’s because of how intense it was.

This sounds like a rant on why long term is better than short, I know. It’s not that all, in any way. I feel like both definitely have a place in this, and without a doubt do their job well. I love the different aspects that they bring into orgasm denial and it can definitely make an interesting study to do on yourself.

As always, remember that everyone is different and this is just my experiences with long term versus short term orgasm denial.



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