Distance Chastity

As we talked about before, we don’t currently live together. While we spend most of our time at each other’s houses, we do average seven to ten days apart each month.

So because of this fact, we have to be creative to keep the tease and denial alive sometimes. I have also discovered, there are quite a few couples in this situation. They practice enforced chastity while not living together. There are also many couples who travel and are away from one another several times a month, and they need ways to keep things exciting for them, too.

This can make for an interesting, and sometimes tough situation. So I want to take the time to discuss some things we do to keep our tease and denial play going.

The first step in all of this, you have to really trust your locked partner, and locked partners, you have to be very honest and faithful to your chastity for this to truly work. I leave a key with Narcissus when I leave his house (or he leaves mine). The first, and obvious reason for this is safety. It would be reckless to have all the keys with me when he could have a real emergency and need out of the cage. The second reason for this, is so he can unlock at my command and do what I want him to.

When we’re apart, we’re still in pretty much constant communication, thanks to today’s technology; and we take full advantage of it. I almost always start our day off with having him edge for me. I will give him a number of edges, and specific instructions on how I want it done. Sometimes I let him edge lying in bed, sometimes I have him edge on all fours, sometimes standing. After I’ve given him the instructions, he starts on his task, and he has to send me a picture or two, as well. No matter what task I give him, I require a picture.

Narcissus knows that he is never allowed to orgasm unless I say, and I fully trust him to not have one. He is the type of person who would feel way too guilty to give himself an orgasm and hide it. He also has amazing self-control when it comes to this sort of thing. He can stop right at the edge, and he can even give himself a ruined orgasm when I require it. He knows his body very well and it’s a big advantage to me.

Once I’ve had him edge for me he has to put his cage back on and send me a picture of himself, locked back up. Once he has done this, I will send him a teasing text, or two and we will go about our normal day, until I’m ready for more teasing. It’s very important to me that he stays constantly worked up and horny.

So usually about midday for us I will have him unlock again and edge some more, with new instructions. I love to talk dirty to him, and sometimes send him sexy pictures while this is going on. It works him up just that much more.

Of course I account for real life going on and I don’t let our teasing get in the way of real life or take precedence over things that are more important. So the things we do aren’t always done every single day, but they’re pretty frequent. When I can’t keep things as physically intense with all the edging, I have him do other small things, or I just “verbally” tease him through text, or with pictures.

Once night rolls around, if we’re both free we like to get on Skype and chat. As many of you are aware I’m sure, Skype has video call. I like to use this to my advantage to tease him further. I will have him edge on camera for me, while I talk to him, and instruct him exactly on what to do. I will tell him when to start, stop, how fast or slow to stroke, etc. There are times when I will tell him he has to go for X amount of minutes without stopping or orgasming, or give him a set number of strokes he has to make it through. It’s like an interactive web tease, in a way.

These are some of the things we like to do to keep things exciting for us. I don’t want to tell all my ideas right away, but I hope that gives you a couple of ideas for making distance chastity work for you.

Something important to remember, you don’t have to do things one way. If you only like one aspect of this post, try it out. You don’t have to do all of them in the exact method we do to make it fun and exciting for you and your partner. One of the best things about enforced chastity is that there are no rules. Whatever the keyholder and locked agree to, can be done. It doesn’t matter how crazy, or how simple it seems, it’s about making it work for you.

Another thing to remember, you don’t have to do these things every single day to keep things exciting. There are going to be times that life gets in the way, and times you simply don’t feel up to it. That’s okay. You can do these things a couple of times a week and I promise it will be huge for the locked partner. They will appreciate you putting in the effort and making chastity fun, even when you’re not physically around.

Something keyholders should try to remember though, rather you live with your partner all the time, or not, is that the locked person is depending on you. You’re their only route to sexual pleasure. That doesn’t mean you have to unlock them and play with them every single day. It doesn’t even mean that you have to do anything physical to them daily. It just means that you should let them know that you haven’t forgot about their situation, and you haven’t lost your commitment to it either. The small things count for the locked partners, just as much as the small things count for the keyholders.



One thought on “Distance Chastity

  1. Well said. My girlfriend and i text constantly but rarely can see each other on week days so when we are apart it’s nice to have some teasing. She’s improving at that but often I feel neglected when on a streak. In person she’s amazing though so I try to look at the positives. But a few teasing emails a day would make the situation perfect.


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