Today makes seven years since we’ve been together. Just typing that is weird to see. It feels like it was just yesterday that I met her, yet we’ve been together this long. After all of this time, I haven’t lost a bit of interest in her. In fact, I believe our bond is constantly growing as time goes on. This anniversary is different than those that came before it, however. It’s the first one since adding enforced chastity and FLR to our relationship.

She started today off right, with seven spanks.

That’s right. Before doing anything else celebratory with our day, she had me bend over so she could spank me seven times, as a way of going into another year remembering my place. If I had to classify it, though, I’d say it was more down the line of fun spanks rather than punishments. It was still harder than truly fun spanks, but the impact wasn’t anywhere near as bad as what I receive for punishments.

After that, we had a few tequila shots, which got the both of us into a relaxed, nice mood. We didn’t do enough to get us drunk because we knew what was coming next. She even told me to not get so drunk I can’t “get it up”. We took a shower, with me taking a bit longer than her. I came into the room to find her already undressed, wearing only a black, lace thong.

I’m a sucker for thongs, because I love asses, especially hers. The bad thing about this is that the visual turns me on so much that I usually can’t contain myself and end up stripping the thong off of her to have sex even quicker than usual. Not this time, though. I wanted to truly appreciate her in it. After studying just how amazing she looked, I climbed beside her in bed.

Her exposed breasts looked so perfect while she laid on her back. I didn’t want to dive right in, but I was dying to to feel them. Before I could get to it, she directed me to them. I cupped them with my hands, teasing her nipples while I did it. I couldn’t resist adding my mouth into the equation, and eventually I was sucking on them.

She instructed me to stand on the floor while she laid on her back, her head hanging off the edge of the bed, and pulled my dick into her mouth. What I love about this position is the view that it gives me. I could see her entire body lying before me, still wearing the thong that accentuated her hips so nicely. I felt over her breasts, her stomach, her hips, and her thighs, eventually leading my hand into her thong. I could already feel her juices spilling out of her, and this sent me to another level of arousal, as it always does.

She moved back fully onto the bed, and I got between her legs, finally pulling the thong off of her. After a few slow licks to warm her up and savor her taste, I couldn’t resist anymore. I licked and sucked on her clit, pushed my tongue inside of her, just exploring her entire pleasure spot. Eventually, I added my fingers and gave her an orgasm.

We switched positions, and she got between my legs. She teased and stroked me with her hands some to get me hard, then wrapped her lips around me. She edged me a few times this way, and it was definitely a struggle to have her stop the amazing job that she was doing each time that I got close.

She climbed over me, and eased her pussy down onto my dick. That feeling alone made me tense up, and nearly explode. After adjusting to the initial feeling, we both began to move in motion with one another. It wasn’t long before I had to stop. It wasn’t a choice, it was either stop at that very moment or have an orgasm. I waited a second, started back, then had to stop again. I tried every trick in the book from thinking about something very unsexy to counting backwards. The last one worked better than the first, but it wasn’t very effective either. Looking back on it, I think she was edged just as much as me, especially considering how often I had to stop just as she was about to have her orgasm. Somehow, though, I mustered up the strength to not explode as she eventually had hers.

Then I heard the magic words escape from her lips, “Cum in me.”



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