Q&A 1

I got an email from a reader who asked a few questions, and we’re going to have posts that answer questions when we get them. If you’d like to send us a question you can find the email information here or leave us a comment.

Harry said: “Hi!

Thank you for blogging your experience.  I look forward to following your blog.

I’m curious how your regular relationship got started?

Have you always been dominant?

What got you interested in a female led relationship?

Did you introduce the idea?



First, thank you for your interest in our blog, and your questions.

Narcissus’ and I actually met online, in a non-kinky, non-dating place. We weren’t looking to meet anyone, but we did. We started out as friends, but that led to us forming a relationship.

I’ve had very dominant traits my entire life. While growing up I was frequently just called bossy. As I grew, I started embracing my more dominant side, and refining it. When I got together with Narcissus he always appreciated my dominant traits, and didn’t just accuse me of being bossy, which allowed our relationship to blossom and lead to what we have now.

What got me interested in FLR? Good question. I can’t state the first time I came across female-led relationships, because I don’t remember. I have always had more control in my relationship with Narcissus, but we didn’t classify it as FLR until this year. I think I’ve always envisioned being in control of my relationships in some way, and when I learned more about female-led relationships it seemed like the most natural thing to me. I did take more control, and enforce more things (such as physical discipline) when we fully embraced our female-led relationship than before we stated that’s what we had.

I did introduce the idea of female-led relationship to Narcissus, after much deliberation with myself about it. It took me some time to fully come to terms with the fact I wanted to control our relationship. You can read some of his thoughts on this here.

Again, thank you for questions, and we would be happy to answer any questions anyone has. You can leave us a comment, or send an email.



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